Sunday , October 2 2022

It was a nightmare for the whole world! Electricity rose by 150 percent in Europe and 75 percent in Turkey


Following the new type of corona epidemic (Kovid-19), Europe’s energy supply failed to keep pace with demand and rapidly rising prices in the electricity markets, as record prices of natural gas and coal continue to plunge countries in a difficult situation.

In Europe, which supplies about 20 percent of its electricity production from natural gas, some countries are switching to coal due to record gas prices and carbon tax rates of up to 65 euros per tonne in order to limit electricity production from fossil fuels that put pressure on electricity prices.

While an average increase of 150 percent was observed in spot electricity prices over the 9-month period of the year in the leading markets in Europe, this rate stood at 75 percent in the Turkish spot electricity market.

The market price of 1 megawatt of electricity, which averaged 90 euros in January, rose to 221 euros, with a 146 per cent increase in September, in the UK, one of the countries with the deepest effects of the energy crisis. Were seen.

As of those periods, the average price of 1 megawatt of electricity in the German electricity market rose from 52 euros to 129 euros with an increase of 148 percent, to 154 euros from 60 euros to 157 euros in Italy and Spain, and from 60 euros to -134 euros with a 123 percent increase in France.

In the specific Turkish electricity market EPİAŞ, the price of electricity per megawatt per hour, set at an average of 298 pounds in January, rose by 75% in September to 521 pounds.

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