Friday , August 19 2022

Prison Runs Traps Elderly Women Under Prison "Medicinal Ointment"


Aydin, Efeler district, low back pain, going to the hospital for older women, healing creams will continue to deceive the money, the suspect arrested by the police, stealing their money.

A senior official

In Aidan, the trust teams headed by the Public Security Department arrested a man in the city center from whom they suspected. Khalil Ibrahim (49) was reported to have been absent from Denizli Prison.

"Pacific Merom"

Khalil Ibrahim, who was taken into custody, was sent to prison after his actions. Meanwhile, in the hospital at the time of the fugitive, the defendant called in contact with the elderly, who are in contact with the treatment due to the patient's discomfort, in the hotel room or hospital with the promise of his "healing paste" in the pocket of elderly people with the promise of escaped escape coins.

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