Friday , February 26 2021

Supian Pagoli: "Surprising"

Celal Umut Eren / Foreign News Scorrer

Galatasaray last season, a large part of the star of the championship Sufian Pagli, spoke with French football. Pghuli used impressive expressions on Glattashere, as he found less chance this season.

The Algerian star said shooting, Sez at the beginning of the season, he was part of the team in the Cup final. So I wanted to take 2, 5, 5 minutes, I stayed behind. But I'm going back to the group now. We can not beat the last 5 games but we beat Kayserispor 3-0. I played for almost 88 minutes. I'm really happy to play. Fans are satisfied with my performance. As long as you have the opportunity, you must show your place. I hope that over time my coach and coaches will change my picture and take my place again. I'm not 2 minutes or 5 minutes player. I was part of the team that was the champion of the season. I have to play more

Pghuli said he was surprised to keep the spare and said, it's amazing that I did not start in the first 11 after a league title. Many people were surprised too. I'm happy at the Galatasaray, I'm happy in Istanbul. I signed a 3.5-year contract, a long-term contract

Galatasaray fans also praised the experienced football player, they always want the summit and they encourage you. They always remind you that you are in a big club. We always have to win. Galatasaray and Algerian football lovers are similar to each other and Galatasaray is said.

Fatih Terim talks about a red-yellow player, never likes to lose. We could be a bit worse this season, but we're going to change that. It will take time. It is difficult to make adjustments every 3 days. But Fatih Terim is experienced and we can be champions this season. This is our main goal. We want to go to Europe.

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