Saturday , October 23 2021

Three rules of rational antibiotic use


European antibiotic day ads November 18 Turkey as part of the medical director GSK Polia Arman, available

European antibiotic day awareness November 18 Turkey As part of the medical director Dr. GSK Polia Arman, improper use of antibiotics due to the use of infectious diseases, may be fatal, suggesting this.

Day European antibiotic ads for the November 18 statement GSK Medical Director Turkey Fulya Arman said to be one of the greatest health problem of antibiotic resistance since 2050. According to calculations of the World Health Organization, 10 million people are expected to lose their lives due to antibiotic resistance, according to World Health Organization calculations.

Antibiotics, white and fluorax

Armand stated that antibiotics are drugs used to treat infections caused by bacteria 2. Some bacteria can fight and survive against antibiotics. The use of improper antibiotics leads to further strengthening of bacteria 3. Antibiotics are essential drugs used to treat a variety of infections, including those with a life-threatening condition, and should be used with treatment. Another important issue is that antibiotics are used only for bacterial-induced infections. Antibiotics caused by viruses are not a cure for colds and flu

Remember the three rules before using antibiotics

Paulia Armand said that the most effective way to prevent this condition is to use rational antibiotics.

Just use the antibiotics that the doctor wrote.

Complete all the antibiotic boxes you received, even if you feel good.

Do not recommend or give antibiotics to anyone you use. Do not use "too much" antibiotics because someone else. / EGE PRESS GROUP

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