Monday , June 27 2022

Volkan Demirel and Sadik Çiftpınar were sent PFDK


Fenerbahce / Volkan Demirel, Sports & amp; And & # 39; & # 39; Sportsy statements due to sports; Trabzonspor Club Club Guhan Kandemir was referred to PFDK because of the trafficmanlike traffic like IR.

The explanation given by TFF is as follows;

"FENERBAHA AS FC Football Club Vulcan Demirel" due to "sportsmanship movement" in the same competition because of training 36 football discipline and "sports statements" due to Article 38 of the Football discipline training from 30.04.2019 as prudent to PFDK,

FENERBAHA ASE In accordance with Article 46 of the Training Discipline Football Article 21 of Advertising Publication, due to the 28th action of football player Sadek ÇİFTPINAR 28 in the same competition, it was decided to send the person PFDK carefully, as of 28.04.2019.

TRABZONSPOR A.Ş. FENERBAHÇE A.Ş.-TRABZONSPOR, played by the official club GOKHAN KANDEMİR on 27.04.2019. Sports Toto Premier League Lefter Küçükandonyadis season "sports movement" due to Article 36 of the "Provisions of football discipline" as of 30.04.2019 it was decided to be sent PFDK carefully.

Heavy duty on Vulcan and Kandemir

Gokhan Kandemir, who was sent due to Vulcan Demirel's "unsportsmanlike movement", who was referred by PFDK for his "athletic behavior" and "unsportsmanlike statements," is waiting for a heavy offer.

According to Sporx, players are subject to a ban of 1 to 3 games due to "not sporting", while officials are prohibited from entering the locker room and bench 1 to 3 competitions or deprivation of rights between 15 and 30 days.

For Volkan's other voluntary statements, 2 to 6 contests will be banned.

Money comes to Sadek!

Despite the red card, Sadek Jepiner, who told the press in the mixed field, was told he was sentenced to 4-12 in the game. However, the yellow football player, "because of the violations of the provisions" because it is not punishment for punishment, but will receive a fine.

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