Thursday , October 6 2022

What Turkey Sweden will start in the national game time, what channel will live broadcast? (Which channel is the national match?)


Our national team is facing Sweden in the United Nations League. National team before the game, a sense of pain in the groin Sardar Aziz is replaced by Ayhan Khan.

Turkey: Sinan Bolt, Mehmed Zaki, Khan Ayhan, Kagler Swinsey, Hassan Ali Aseem, Ok Yukoslu, Kangiz Butt, Mahmut Takademir, Yunus Mali, Hakan Callahan, Tsuk Tucson
Sweden: Olsen, Lustig, Lindelof, Grenfuist, Martin Olson, Augustinson, Larsson, Albin Akdel, Berg, Hanson, Kelson

Turkey 0-1 Sweden / LIVE

Match notes

Greeting from Lucco!
Turkey team coach Mirza Lucescu, signed a significant change the first 11 went up on the grass last night. The Romanian man gave an opportunity to Yanus Mali in the 11th one against Oğuzhan Özyakup, assigned to the field.

3 pass the day intestinal infection is the chosen training Turkey did not go with the star players, he took the first 11 part across Sweden.
Mircea Lucescu, intensive care with Cengiz Ünder in better because he wanted to be brought to the game on the first 11 said he wanted to give space.

Under Cengiz also participated in the important national team member of national team.

A national team meets with oak trees
Monthly players in Konya received excellent support. Before the game, fans of the national team in front of torches torches and burned by an enthusiastic greeting and gave support.

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The Turkish-Sweden game of the fans, exhausting days before the surprise flag was received. Tuff was greeted with red and white flags. While the stars stayed with the star flags, beautiful pictures appeared before the encounter and Konya was red and white.

The Last Watch of Sardar Azeez!
In Turkey the team Sardar Mirza Lucescu's first task given 11 Saints will not be able to take part in the heating game yesterday on his disability. During the heating work, Sardar Aziz tried to hold his left crotch for 3-4 minutes. However, Sardar Aziz was released from the first 11 because of the injury he suffered. Caen Ihan was included in the last 11 minutes

What Turkey Sweden will start in the national game time, what channel will live broadcast?
The Swedish national game Swedish evening at 20 started at 00. The battle is broadcast live on Channel 1 TRT.

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