Wednesday , September 28 2022

When are the 2018 discounts Black Friday? (Black Friday – Friday What day?


Black Friday 2018 discounts will meet with shopping enthusiasts. Curious people who want to take advantage of opportunities will be referred to stores and e-commerce sites. Here's what to know about Black Friday's history and the Friday legend "

Black Friday When?

2018 Black Friday for sale in Turkish this year will be on November 23.

However, black Friday discounts on stores, companies and online shopping sites that you can access the internet can start very early. There are many stores that distribute these discounts within a week.

Black Friday dances

Some brands also organize a black Friday event in the spring. It starts in the last week of March and lasts until mid-April. Many stores can also offer Black Friday in July at another time.

What is a black day?

This shopping day was first mentioned in the newspapers in 1961 as Black Friday. That day in Philadelphia, where it was given because of heavy traffic and difficulties caused by shopping. In recent years, this day is met positively for people and shops. Famous stores like Walmart open their doors to their customers earlier each year and the work of the employees is more intense.

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