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Why did Barak Tozunats and Birkhan Sokolo leave? Last minute


Why did Birkan Sokullu and Berrak Tüzünataç leave? Two players, who together for 3 years, parted ways. Birkan Sokullu and Barak Tüzünataç ended their relationship with a sudden decision. Citizens wonder why the famous couple is separated. So why Birkan Sokullu and Berrak Tüzünataç left? Wondering about the details …

Berrak Tüzünataç-Birkan Sokullu Up front, the news of separation was waiting for marriage news. Two players, who together for 3 years, parted ways.

"No refund of this decision"

According to Hurriyet: According to the immediate circle of the couple, said Berak Tüzünataç, için this decision should not go back abroad for a while to collect herself and find morale.

Braque Tuconeta

Berrak Tüzünataç was born in Yalova on November 2, 1984 as the first child of the family. He was educated in the private Yalova Oncu College. In 1995, he entered the Koç High School and moved with his family to Istanbul. He graduated from the Koç University School of Business and later graduated from the Faculty of Business Administration at Istanbul University. His father was Sefa Tüzünataç, who was a contractor Yalova. He has a sister named Naz. Berrak Tüzünataç, in the small age; They lived in Bialova in the winters and in Tonsalp, one of the oldest sites in Yalova.

Barak Tüzünataç, when she was 15 years old, that is 1999 year, the year of her earthquake, her parents are leaving. When some of his father's houses were destroyed, his father spent ten days in prison. Barak moves to Istanbul with her mother. His father lives in Istanbul, Istanbul.

He joined the BKM (Beşiktaş Cultural Center) workshop, where Yılmaz Erdoğan also taught at the end of 2004.

In the press at the age of 18, Braque, best known as a lover of football player Ilean Mansis, immediately made a name for himself with his relationship with his partner, Volkan Büyükhanlı, at Bodrum. Photographer Zeynel Abidin Agul's photo, Berrak Daki watches on the edge of the picture when you shoot the stairs to climb. She was the cover of four different magazines, including the magazine Kafk Eli. "

He then introduced the screens by publishing news on the number one TV. Sinam introduced her talent to Hunter and her plan with Koval. In 2005, Yilmaz Erdoğan's "Organized Work" also entered the cinema. Then he appears in the women's cheese chest of Ardından. In 2005, his name is mentioned with Okan Bayülgen. After that, he took part in the series ç lent by life "in Canal D. He played the character of Vahide in the television series dı Elveda Rumeli V. In 2007, he and Nejat İşler collaborated. TV Show) as "Yildiz Show. Zaki Demirkubuz's 2009 film, Kıskanmak, plays a leading role in his life. He played Bade as the character of the Irgun ".

Berrak Tüzünataç continued his business life with the son Easy "series.In 2010, he played the character of the Pierre Avuç Deniz, (Denise Demirci) in the film, Denis Alten Düzyatan, Berrak Tüzünataç, can Gürzap, Ida Aksel, Zeynep Ozder, Tuğrul Tülek and Ahu Yağtu.

She also appeared in Sardar Ortche's film, 2004, Canéma Minnet.

Full Movie Films

Organized work

Women of Bizet

2005 – Motion Picture

2007 – Unforgettable (TV series)

2007 – Elvada Romeli (TV series)

2009 – Does this heart forget you? (TV series)

2009 – Jealousy (Animation)

2010 – The Dragon Trap (TV series)

2010 – Eisel (TV series)

2011 – The handful of sea (photography)

2012 – Last (TV series)

2013 – The End of the Road Canakkale (Behice)

2013 – 2014 – A glorious century (Mihrünnisa Sultan) (TV series)

One of the street

Birkan Sokolo was born on October 6, 1985 in Istanbul. In 2003 he came in third place in the competition "Best Model of Turkey". He graduated from Maltepe University, Department of Radio and Television. He has played professional basketball for 10 years. During her studies at Maltepe University, she worked as a model and model.

He took acting lessons from Dullesian Soisert. The series "Little Women" drew attention to the character of Ayaz. In 2010 Tims agreed with the production. The role of "Iron" in the series "Little Secrets" has been widely praised and this series has been a turning point in his career.

In 2012, he played an aspiring journalist in the 2012 series ies 2012. In the 2013 season, he played Mustafa Şehzade in the Fatih series, but the series did not last long.

In 2014, she appeared in the series "Kurt Seyt & Shura ç with Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ.

Birkan Sokullu married actor Aslı Enver on 13 July 2012. On 26 August 2015, they announced the divorce. Now with Berrak Tüzünataç.

In 2016, it was published in the Canal, and the script was written by M & Ran was organized and directed by: Cem Karcı, directed by Birkan Sokullu, Tayanç Ayaydın, Burcu Biricik, Ecem Özkaya, Seray Gözler Yeniay, Mithat Can Özer, Çağlar Haznedaroğlu and Uğur Akyürek.

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