Tuesday , May 11 2021

Causes of dry mouth, including diabetes

The causes of dry mouth are due to the lack of salivary glands in the mouth, enough saliva to keep the mouth moist, dry mouth caused by the side effects of certain medications or from aging, other causes of oral hygiene are described on the Authority for Nutrition.


Some drugs cause dry mouth as a byproduct. Some of the best chances of causing problems are some drugs used to treat depression, high blood pressure, anxiety, antihistamines, antidepressants, muscle relaxants, and painkillers.


Many older people experience dry mouth as they age. Contributing factors include the use of certain drugs, changes in the body's ability to treat drugs, poor nutrition, and long-term health problems.

Cancer treatment

Chemotherapy drugs can alter the nature of saliva and the amount produced. This may be temporary with the return of normal flow of saliva after completion of treatment. Head and neck radiotherapy can damage the salivary glands, causing a significant decrease in saliva production. This can be temporary or ongoing, depending on the radiation dose and the patient area.


Neural damage

Injury or surgery, which causes nerve damage in the head or neck area, can cause dry mouth infection.

diabetes mellitus

The mouth can be dry due to some health conditions, such as diabetes, stroke, fungal infection in the mouth or Alzheimer's disease or due to immune diseases.

Breathing out of his mouth and snoring

Snoring and breathing with the mouth can also contribute to dry mouth infection.

Smoking and alcohol

Drinking alcohol, smoking or chewing tobacco can increase the symptoms of dry mouth.

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