Tuesday , May 11 2021

Delightful colors and glamorous decor in Taylor Swift's new song

The singer, Tilingsoft (Mei) or "I" has made millions of views so far, despite the launch yesterday morning, featuring singer Brandon O'Reilly after a month of speculation and information on the launch date. Taylor Swift appeared at the beginning of the video and she is arguing with her partner Brandon In their fake Victorian house of course, then marching through the streets of Disneyland, followed by her dance with a crowd of women in pastel clothes, watching Swift sitting on a rhinoceros statue above the building and the colors flying around her. All these scenes make us think about the design and decorations of the song that has become Versace now, so here's some Taylor style, the famous creative designer Jonathan Adler, who works for Potter, including two elements of Black, Golden plus a coffee table Transparent in the middle of the room is colorful.

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However, Adler's ants and brass table went up on the scene, and later, the 52-year-old furniture designer expressed his great pleasure, his wonderful poem and vision, Swift's work and his amazing performance. He admitted that he was happy to see his stuff in the film In addition, we can see the pink fast-paced swimsuit with two amazing cats on it, matching velvet chairs that appeared in mustard paint in the back of the Madswire franchise store and Swift picked them up.

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