Monday , October 3 2022

Du strengthens communication solutions with the Chinese company


Dubai – China Mobile International and United Arab Emirates (UAE) have signed a cooperation agreement to establish a new POP for the Chinese company Datamna, which provides connectivity and data center services to customers across the Middle East.

Datamna's advanced services will enable China Mobile to constantly reach the region's markets through its new presence, which will also serve as a central access point for the African market, according to the statement.

The new cooperation between the Emirates Integrated Company and China Mobile supports many other initiatives taken by both sides to link the communications infrastructure between China and the UAE to support economic cooperation between the two countries.

The voice link agreement is designed to provide international quality voice communications services between the United Arab Emirates and China.

The IPX agreement also provides better quality and quality services to roaming customers using data when traveling between the United Arab Emirates and China.

"Machine-to-Machine Communication" allows both companies to enhance their capabilities to explore the opportunities and capabilities of connected devices in the United Arab Emirates and China.

The new cooperation agreement between the two sides comes within the framework of the excellent bilateral relations between China and the United Arab Emirates at all levels, especially following the visit of the Chinese President, Shaikh Khalifa, to the UAE in July this year, during which 13 agreements and memorandum of understanding were signed between different sectors.

"Following the rapid developments in the world of communications technology and data center solutions, Emirates Integrated Technologies (EITC) is committed to providing world-class services to our partners and regional and global customers," said Osman Sultan, CEO of Emirates Integrated Telecommunications.

"Through this partnership we aim to set new standards for world-class telecommunications services to meet the growing needs of customers in the region," said Sultan.

"We look forward to taking advantage of our unique partnership with China Mobile International to promote and support the city's smart bug to deliver healthy, safe and efficient services to all UAE residents and visitors."

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