Thursday , October 28 2021

"Dubai Framework" Blue Lighting on World Diabetes Day


Sharjah –

The Ministry of Health and Community Protection has launched several events to raise awareness of diabetes, along with the International Day of Diseases on November 14 each year, including the lighting of the Dubai Blue Lounge in Zabil Park, health behaviors that protect against diabetes and emphasize the role of psychological and social support in patients .

The medical teams provided free blood glucose testing to community members, counseling and counseling for the disease, a healthy diet, the importance of physical activity and a questionnaire for non-diabetic people to determine the risk of infection based on their health behaviors.

Dr. Hussein Abdul Rahman Al-Rand, assistant assistant director of health clinics and clinics at the Ministry of Health and Community Affairs, said that the International Diabetes Day celebration of the ministry aims to promote health awareness of the importance of early diagnosis to prevent chronic complications. diabetes mellitus.

Dr. Fadila Mohammed Sharif, Director of the Department for the Advancement of Education and Health, stressed the importance of organizing awareness events on the occasion of World Diabetes Day.

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