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Emirates News "Safe to leave after 20 years in memory and memorization of the Book of God"


Emirates News: News from Argentina "A Safe Holiday 20 Years After Memorizing the Book of God" Source: Emirates News – Al-Marat Today: Friday, November 16, 2018

The Dubai International Holy Quran award named Amneh Nasib Sayyid, who died yesterday, aged 26, has recently suffered from the disease.

She has spent more than 20 years in memory and memorization of Aliyah. She has been nominated for the International Quran of Dubai in the Koran several times to represent the country in large international competitions. She has won several awards in reciting the Koran and recited it, and she precedes the contestants from around the world.

Among the prizes she received was the first prize at the International International Holy Quran Memorization Competition, reciting and interpreting it in Jordan after winning the competition from 15 countries, the first woman to win this title. She also participated in the Sheikh Maktoum Bin Maktoum Holy Quran organized by Dubai International Holy Quran Award.

"A covenant, may God have mercy on her, was a custodian and a teacher of the Holy Qur'an, and her mission was to participate in international competitions representing the country and achieved many advanced positions," said the adviser of His Highness the Ruler of Dubai for cultural and human affairs.

He added: "Amneh worked on teaching the Book of God to girls, and was a continuation of their news and commitment to rings of memorization in the Koran, even when she was on the condition of the disease in her last days."

Amna told the Emirat Al-Yawm in an interview in 2011 that she managed to memorize the Holy Qur'an in less than 100 days, competed in local and international competitions and won first place in the achievements of her first Emirati daughter.

She won second place in the Dubai Dubai Holy City Award competition, and won first place in the Hassawi contest for the Holy Quran in Sharjah. She also participated in a local competition to memorize the Prophet's hadith with the preservation of the Hadith 80.

The late citizen grew up in a large family of more than 25 people, all of whom preserved part of the Holy Qur'an, which motivated them to compete and join an intensive conservation course in two Koranic centers.

Amana, who studied at the Shari'a and Islamic Studies Faculty at the University of Sharjah, was enrolled in Quran memorization centers at the age of six. She memorized Sura in the Koran at the Al-Abir, Rashdiya and Al-Mumzar centers in Dubai. She reached the age of 17 and memorized the Koran. And the center of 'Abdallah bin Mas'ud, noting that "she spends 12 hours in conservation every day."

"It was an unforgettable moment when I got a great title in my country, especially when I won competitions from 15 countries," she said.

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Emirates News: News from Argentina "A Safe Holiday 20 Years After Memorizing the Book of God" Source: Emirates News – Al-Marat Today: Friday, November 16, 2018


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