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First aid for suffocation


Some of us may experience a problem that may lead to suffocation, or some of us may be exposed to inhalation of certain substances or eating incorrectly, leading to choking, and in case of suffocation, the first aid must be taken as soon as possible, because the person may be killed.

The main causes of symptoms of suffocation

The suffocation is the lack of air and oxygen in the lungs and in the airways. The person has difficulty breathing and feels that his heart may stop and may increase with time.

Symptoms of suffocation

There are a number of symptoms a person feels when they are suffocating:

1 – Fainting or dizzy with dizziness.
2 – pale in the color of the face.
3 – feeling cold on the sides of the fingers, and the shape of the fingers blue.

Causes suffocation

There are several reasons for having a suffocation such as:

1 – obstruction of the respiratory tract.
2. Entering a foreign body into the mouth and swallowing the body through the windpipe.
3 – Sickness due to drowning.
4 – The incidence of blood clots or thrombosis.
5 – hot drinks of hot water that can cause swelling of the throat, and therefore difficult to swallow.
6. Breathe air containing carbon dioxide or air where oxygen is reduced.
7 – Click on the throat or chest, such as this happens in cases of murder.
8 – Diphtheria fever fever.
9. Exposure to electric shock.

First aid for suffocation

Loss of hard breathing, which requires first aid in order to preserve the patient's life.

1 – The affected person will be quickly transferred to a well ventilated area, if the infected woman is a veil, the veil will be removed, especially in the throat.

2. If the child is a child, it is necessary to look at the child's mouth because the child can swallow something by mouth, try to remove the thing that causes choking.

3. Narrow clothing is removed from the neck, such as a hat, shirt buttons or other things around the neck.

4. If the suffocating person swallows his tongue, the tongue is pulled out when the patient is lying on one side.

First aid when choked with chemicals

If the suffocation is in a chemical plant and the person inhales chemicals, the following aids will be used:

1 – Narrow clothes around the neck.
2. The wounded person will be transferred to a well ventilated area and removed from the source of the odor.
3. Before performing an artificial respiration, the patient does not actually breathe.
4 – The victim's face is beaten with a wet towel in the water.
5. Speed ​​of contact with the ambulance.

First aid if suffocation is due to drowning

If the choking is choked by the water entering its throat, the following aids will be performed:

The head of the drip is moved so that the head is at the bottom of the body and the legs are raised.

2 – It is best to seek the patient some stimulants with a strong smell.

3 – Heating the drowning.

4. The area above the abdomen is pressed to the cage rib cage well with the raised feet.

First aid for suffocation due to electric shock

The shock causes rapid heartbeat, which causes paralysis of the brain and lungs and loss of breath, in which case the following steps are taken, but should be rapid:

1. The power is immediately disconnected.
2. The person shall be removed from the place of injury.
3. Massage the chest through the work of breathing by kissing life.
4. Treatment of burns if found.
5. The injured person will be brought immediately to the hospital.

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