Thursday , September 29 2022

For these reasons avoid acids


Gastric acid is one of the body's defenses against bacteria. If you complain of heartburn and frequent moaning, do not use acidity regularly because its side effects increase the problem later on. The following are the most important anti-irregular effects:
* Reduce the level of stomach acid all the time using drugs to easily attack bacteria in the stomach, resulting in many infections, in addition to indigestion.

Poor absorption of nutrients occurs due to gastritis and inability to produce the required amount of acids and enzymes to digest.

When stomach acid rises steadily, ulcers occur, and when you take many acid-resistant acids, your stomach becomes cancer-prone.

Certain anti-acid drugs cause urinary tract infections and kidney problems.

* Because of the long-term use of antacids, the bone indicates that some of these drugs contain a high percentage of aluminum that causes a decrease in the calcium level in the body.

Natural remedies for acidity:

* The friendly bacteria included in probiotics, such as yogurt, ground chocolate, miso soup, help protect the lining of the stomach and reduce heartburn and acidity.

* Eat sweat, mites, mint, peppermint oil and dandelion roots if you feel stomach stomach. These herbs provide immediate acidity treatment.

Avoid acidic triggers such as tomatoes, fried foods and soft drinks.

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