Friday , August 19 2022

Know The Secret Of The New Diab Amar Ring Do You Have Dina Sharabini Speeches?


Some of the star and star writer Amr Diab, and he appeared with a new ring in his right hand during the revival of one of the weddings, causing this ring to ignite the social media pages.

Some of them expected that the ring worn by Omar Amar Diab was his engagement ring to the young artist Dina El Sharabini, where some people estimated that the level bore Dina's speech to Sharabani secretly without declaring anyone, because it is known that Amr Diab did not talk about matters His personal since his career.

On the other hand, the level Amir Diab is preparing to celebrate the New Year of the Year in Abu Dhabi, for the fourth consecutive time to revive the concerts of Amr Diab stood out this year in New York.

The news of the resurrection of the star Amr Diab, his New Year's Eve concert in Abu Dhabi, was revealed by Lebanese journalist Rabi Za'at, by comments on his official page on the social networking site of Anastacram.

The album will include a collection of songs from his last album, Kol Hayi, which includes 13 songs, including De La Ensev, Yachana, Lamad, Ta'ala and Hadad.

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