Wednesday , September 28 2022

Kuna: Trading on the Kuwait Stock Exchange starts its weekly trading at a low level of 12 points


LOC13: 03
10:03 GMT

The Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE) opened its weekly trading session on 12 low points

The Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE) opened its weekly trading session on Sunday with the index falling 12.9 points reaching 5088.8 points by 0.25 percent.
The total volume of trade in the index amounted to 97.3 million shares, compared with 3666 deals valued at $ 10.4 million ($ 34.32 million).
The main index fell by 14.8 points to 4732.3 points, a decrease of 0.31%. The number of shares reached 81.8 million shares in 2337 deals valued at 3.7 million dinars ($ 12.21 million).
The index fell 11.9 points to 5285.14 points, down 0.22 percent, reaching 15.5 million shares in 1,329 deals worth 6.61 million dinars ($ 21.7 million).
The shares of Aayan and Petrojlv and Centers and Asia and Mays are highest, while Athayan and Ithmaar and Ajwan BOBYAN, , (SENERGY), (GCC) and (KFIC).
Al-Hayat and the real estate company announced the sale of the Company's share in El-Mal shares, as well as the disclosure of material information from REIM Real Estate.
The dealers continued to announce the sale of securities (registered and blocked) in favor of the Company's account (the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange) implementation department in the Ministry of Justice.
The companies traded on the first market are subject to annual review, which does not include companies and other promotions that meet technical standards and transfers that were not included in the main market or in the tender market.
The primary market includes companies with good liquidity that enable them to trade in the need to meet the valid registration requirements, while market components are subject to annual review to ensure that they meet the requirements.
The auction market is for companies that do not meet the requirements of the primary and primary markets and low commodities and low liquidity relative to the supply and demand mechanisms. (end)

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