Friday , May 14 2021

Mias's Lebanon wins sixth season of "Arabs have talent"

He got a car and 200 thousand rials

After a fierce competition that lasted three months, and the intense and high-quality presence in the studio of several stars and stars of the Arab world, who were eager to participate in the last event, won the Mias team from Lebanon, the title "Arabs Have Talent" with its sixth season on MBC4 and MBC Egypt, And MBC Iraq, after its impressive performance and receive the highest percentage of votes from the public.

At the same time, the MIAAS team won the 2006 Chevrolet Polo and £ 200,000 under the eyes of jury members: Najma Karam, Ali Jassaber and Ahmed Hilmi.

During the performance, the performances began on stage with a spectacular performance by Cirque du Soleil, accompanied by the creative voice of Ayman Fitzra, who won the fifth season of "The Gull Talents" together. They sang a new song by Munir Bose, composed and composed and distributed by ; Anne Marie Rietz.

The surprise of the closing ended with Noga Karam, who introduced her new song on stage, titled "Suspended by the Music" by Kalman Nizar Francis, composed by Anne Marie Rietz, and pop star of " The show, Kusai, also participated on stage, Shauki and Bilal Afrikano.

At the same time, Ali Jabbar announced the honor of MBC chairman Sheikh Walid bin Ibrahim Al Ibrahim to the girl Fatima Al Zahra of the duo acrobat team, who fiercely competed for the title during the final episode of the show, To cover the cost of her education and research.

Stars on the red carpet

MBC has seen a number of stars and stars in the Arab world, including art, drama, film, television, media and others who longed to be in the studio and participate in closing performances until the moment of coronation.

At the same time, the activity of "Red Carpet" held by MBC before the beginning of closing, with the presence of a group of stars and stars from all over the Arab world, as well as press and media people, was for private images and conversations signed by the media and forums and social networking sites.

Press Conference

Following the completion of the program and the inauguration of the title, MBC held a press conference attended by journalists from various Arab countries to stars and guest stars. The team was led by Nadim Sharfan, head of the team.

"The art team is life and lifestyle, and I salute the heart of the Duo Acrobat team for everything," said Sherpen. "My team has presented fine art based on originality and history." And the difficulties he experienced, and he managed to compete for the title was a strong foe and a significant opponent, and I would not be sad if the title of his part that we all deserve worthy. "

"We enjoy the amount of money we have earned to open a prestigious dance school called Mias to support talent and promising talents," he concluded.

MBC Group Chairman Mazen Hayek congratulated MBC's production team, headed by Samar Akruk, as well as members of the panel of judges for their time, efforts and experience in guiding the participants in the stages and seasons of the program.

"After six seasons of success, Arab Tal Talent has become a preferred expression platform for Arab youth through Arab art, art and talent," said Hayek. "Participation in the program is only a victory and a success to attract real talent to the audience and viewers not only from the Arab world but from different countries of the world. .

In response to a question about the validity of what was said about the intention of MBC to launch a Maghreb channel, and whether this is reflected in the presence of five Moroccan teams that competed recently among the 10 contenders, Hayek said: "The Arab Maghreb is rich in talent. This Moroccan participation has a large part of most of the programs The skill of the team, in consecutive seasons, and this is not new but natural and has nothing to do with the group's growth and expansion plan … and things are subject to their time!

"We are delighted to announce the return of talent to the next season in MBC," Hayek said.

The Ramadan /

At the same time, the Ramadan and Ramadan seasons on MBC platforms and screens included a number of questions from journalists, and Hayek provided a concise review of the most important content on the various MBC screens and media platforms during the next Ramadan season. "The programmatic fan of" MBC Group "channels and platforms during the month of Ramadan, A wide variety of dramatic productions, comedy … In addition to a mix of social programs – awareness and dialogue of young character .. In addition, the audience of Arab drama and prominent Arab stars, from the Arab Gulf, Egypt and the world, Syria, Lebanon and other countries. This content will be distributed during the Ramadan season through six media channels: 5 MB C1, MBC Drama, MBC Egypt, MBC4 and MBC Iraq, who entered this year's Ramadan publications of the group, "Wood, which will complete the special work of Ramadan, which will range from about 50 different Arab creations, including 28 exclusive pieces.

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