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Microsoft: Gitex is a home for innovation and a platform for creativity


Dubai: Hamdi Sa’ad

Microsoft has confirmed, through its participation in the GITEX technology show, that it is moving towards its vision of achieving a more sustainable future in line with the UAE’s 2030 National Agenda.

The company participated in GITEX this year under the slogan “Together we create a more prosperous digital future”, emphasizing its firm commitment to the UAE, the government and its people. In this release, Microsoft has highlighted the next generation of smart city solutions, which will enable the country to achieve its sustainable development goals.

Said Hashish, CEO of Microsoft in the United Arab Emirates, stressed that GITEX is a home for innovation and an incubator platform for creativity in the region, noting that this is the perfect place where everyone gathers to be inspired and listen to the upcoming great technological achievements. Solutions to address the most pressing challenges of our time, noting that the company has stepped up its efforts to present this year one of its most notable experiences dealing with wisdom.Cities are part of solving climate challenges, to ensure the creation of a more sustainable future.

As part of the company’s contributions to smart city solutions and sustainability issues, Microsoft has partnered with Schneider Electric and AVEA to support Dubai’s vision of sustainability. Together create a tailored smart city dashboard that can provide insights and clear information on vital aspects of city resources. And real-time services, such as water and electricity consumption, traffic management, air quality and more.

This solution will also allow leaders to leverage these insights and use them to solve big problems in real time, as well as make the best strategic decisions proactively that allow them to face many challenges. In addition, these solutions can translate these visions into actionable strategies by tracking key sustainability performance metrics and helping cities like Dubai achieve their sustainability goals as set out in Dubai’s 2050 Clean Energy Strategy.

energy consumption

Ihsan Anabtawi, Chief Operating Officer of Microsoft UAE, said: The new systems will greatly rationalize energy consumption and emissions, in addition to developing solutions for monitoring waste and energy and water leaks in buildings and predicting the occurrence of problems in systems by monitoring technology, artificial intelligence.

Anabtawi added, the importance of turning buildings into sustainable systems follows the challenges posed by emissions from buildings, demonstrated by recent surveys that confirmed that 40% of the world’s carbon emissions are generated by residential and commercial buildings through the use of energy.

He explained that the smart systems for sustainability will also include the establishment of special smart boards that act as a calculator for thermal emissions for each building, and the guiding criteria for reducing these emissions and setting the safe or high limits for them in each building accordingly. To a smart scientific organization, in a way that gives room to the experts in charge of those buildings to take appropriate measures at an early stage. To prevent an increase in emissions.

He explained that Microsoft has partnered with Schneider Electric and Awa to use systems that support Dubai’s existing vision, as the solutions Microsoft provides in this area with web technologies of things, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence enable smart dashboard creation, it can provide insights and clear information about Essential aspects of the city’s resources and services in real time, such as water and electricity consumption, traffic management and air quality.

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