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On his birthday, we follow the views of the artist Ahmad al-Fisawi to raise public opinion


Isra Bader

The artist Ahmed Al-Fashawi was famous for the positions and statements of public opinion, which is often criticized by the masses for his actions, but the uproar and the attack did not stop him at this stage, but rather increased his enthusiasm for sparking public opinion. About the artist Ahmad Al-Fashawi.

Support homosexuality

Ahmad al-Fisawi said in an interview with Arab TV channel Arab TV: "She views homosexuality as a personal freedom despite the harm to human nature.

A statement that ignited the anger of the pioneers of the social networking sites, and it was at the same time the talk of an Egyptian artist in favor of homosexuality on a television show first of all.

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As for atheism, which is the most sensitive subject to be discussed in our Islamic society, Al-Pashawi said on one TV show that "God did not force anyone to believe in Him, why should he be angry with others if they do so?"

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Sun glasses at night

Ahmad Al Fishawi, accompanied by his sixth wife, Nada Al-Kamel, took part in the ACA Film Awards, wearing sunglasses at night on Reed Craft, who drew attention to him and made his audience wonder, "Is the sun strong?"

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Sexy shots with wife

One of the most important times was the Arab film awards, Ahmed Fashawi invented exciting romantic images with his wife, Nada Kamel, who drew the attention of the audience and the journalists, followed by the fans, all these kisses with his wife in front of the camera. Social communication "is the same as that of Picker in their home."

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A look at his wife

As the infection that touched his wife drew everyone's attention, Nadeh Kamel, the wife of the artist Ahmad Al-Fashawi, appeared in controversial displays because of the exposed clothes, the more conspicuous he conceals, to follow her husband's path in a depressing manner.

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Tattoo Mania

Ahmad al-Fisawi published a picture of his body naked and covered with a controversial Tato, which aroused the wrath of the public who accused him of corrupting his body, and some of them warned him of illness because of what he was doing in his body, and criticized him for ensuring that what he was doing would reduce his balance . I have an audience that likes to represent it.

Although it was not the first time he had been tattooed, this time he was overdoing tattoos all over his body.

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Case relations

In 2003, Hyde Al-Nawi blew up a big surprise when she raised the issue of her daughter's relationship to the artist Ahmed al-Fisawi and claimed that they were married to the custom, despite the harsh war that Pashawi and his family had waged against India. Her claim, "the artist Ahmad al-Fisawi, and things began to calm down among the parties, but soon they went to court again to demand the child's possession.

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