Wednesday , September 28 2022

«Regulatory Communications» and «Industries» are correlated to protect information security


Here are the details of the news: «Regulatory Communications» and «Industries» coordinate to protect information security

Dubai: «Bay»

The Telecommunications Authority, represented by the UAE Emergency Response Team and the General Holding Company, Industries, signed a Memorandum of Understanding to identify areas of cooperation and joint action in the field of information security, a mechanism for coordinating exchange of information, warnings of cybersecurity, Viruses and hacking, as well as response services for space security.
Engineer Mohamed Giat, CEO of E-Security, said: "Tara has extensive experience in information security, combating piracy and cyber attacks in all its forms, and has accumulated over years of hard work and ongoing training of its national team. The PA's commitment to its central role is to help all federal, state and private agencies implement the most up-to-date information security measures and information. Today's information has become a valuable asset and it is our duty to strive to preserve and protect it in ways that contribute to the country's continued cultural and economic renaissance. "
"The rapid growth of the information network and the growing use of the Internet have led to a number of security threats and threats to be addressed, and ways and means to address them," said Geith.
Under the MOU, the response team will provide guidance and guidance to a colleague and provide initial advice on threats and vulnerabilities that will help the partner achieve better results to protect their systems and electronic information from cyber attacks.

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