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School messages parents Trbk .. and requires one of the decisions to disrupt research


Parents of Ministry of Education students and those responsible for education in the UAE should not leave the decision to disrupt research for school administrators during the weather and rain. The decision should be consolidated by the relevant authorities in order to avoid confusion that has affected parents in various areas of the country, Conflicting decisions of school principals, and delaying notification to students with the appropriate decision.

The Ministry of Education stressed that the safety and security of students and workers in the field of education is a top priority, so parents and students are always advised to follow the standards of safety and security in the rain and authorize school principals to take the necessary steps and give them powers to ensure maximum safety for students.

Schools in different parts of the country have sent text messages at different times to suspend the study yesterday due to weather conditions. The delay in the announcement of disruption of school hours has caused parents to embarrass their students and return to their homes already after receiving the messages minutes before the start of work. To congestion in many ways, especially in the statements of Shraga and Ajman.

While private schools refused to make the decision to disrupt school hours until the school principal's decision was made, leading parents to make individual decisions without the children attending school for their safety.

Parents in charge of the Al-Amrat Al-Yawm organization said that the confusion of the school principals caused their work to be delayed and traffic congestion was rampant, while private schools in Dubai, the parents of the students, attended the school yesterday despite the harsh weather.

Private schools in Abu Dhabi sent messages to students who chose them between attendance and absence, and public and private school registrars confirmed that the percentage of yesterday's attendance was only 20% and much less than expected, noting that they had precautions taken by rainy conditions and bad weather.

Muhammad Madhat, Sammy Morris, Ayman Jamal and Manar Fadi, the United Arab Emirates, reported that their children's schools had sent messages from yesterday that the study was continuing and that it had not been decided to interfere with it. Their absence in case of concern.

Hiba Hassan, the mother of both the first-graders and the kindergarten children, noted that the message had reached her phone and decided to postpone the decision to go to school to check the weather, noting that the weather in Abu Dhabi was good and the school bus was on time, most of the students were encouraged to send their children to school.

Teachers in the private schools, Hadiya Wahba, Nayha Ihab, Miriam Mohsen and Nora Fahmi reported that their absence from school was more than the normal rate of a small percentage, ranging from 15 to 20 percent, and the absenteeism rate was highest among children in grades 1, 2 and 3, citing the parents' fear that their children would be exposed to rain or cold.

The teachers, La Farid, Sahar Musa and Baha Yusuf, said they received a training course organized by the schools for all employees, in cooperation with the relevant authorities, to educate them on ways to behave in the rain, how to deal with the students and ensure their safety.

In Dubai, parents of students reported that private schools are required to attend yesterday, despite bad weather, for exams. While other schools attributed the students since the first moments, causing confusion among students because of delay in announcing the suspension of research.

Hussain al-Din Ibrahim, a student guardian, said: "We approached the head of the school to identify the students' position on attendance or absence because of the rain.

"We are in a state of anxiety because of the unstable atmosphere, and we do not know why the school insists on completing the exams, although it can be postponed until another day."

"The eldest son's school stressed the need to reach the end of the first semester," said Samah Hamad, a mother of two. "My youngest son's school sent us a letter at six in the morning, and informed us of the suspension of the study.

Amna al-Ali, the mother of a student, the Ministry of Education and the educational authorities in the country, asked not to leave the decision to disrupt the study or not to school principals, and this decision must be unified and transmitted by these authorities to avoid the confusion of parents in such circumstances with decisions Conflicting school principals, and late notifications to students about the appropriate decision.

The Dubai Authority for Human Knowledge and Development (KHDA) reported that private schools in Dubai have the power to make the right decision based on weather developments, in order to protect the safety of students.

The schools ordered parents to prevent their children from entering school for less than 15 minutes, and were confused by the fact that they avoided attending the weather, as well as the presence of water meetings in certain schools.

In Sharjah and Ajman, school principals announced suspension of suspension and suspension of official work due to prevailing weather conditions, and parents of students in private and public schools received text messages through the social networking site that determines the suspension of research to ensure the safety of students and Workers in the field of education.

A number of school principals in Agnes and George said that some of the students who were brought to school buses yesterday morning were returned to their homes for their safety.

Arbak was in school yesterday morning, parents, especially those who work and work, because the schools returned students from the middle of the road and informed the parents, which caused a large number of them to return to the house, causing severe congestion on the roads, as required by school principals. And make decisions in advance.

University of Sharjah confirmed that the decision to suspend the research was clear within procedures that should be followed in case of rain and wind, to ensure the safety and security of students and university employees.

The administrative decisions in private schools delayed the announcement of the suspension of school hours due to heavy rains in the Emirates, which led to the confusion of parents and students returning home from the middle of the road after receiving text messages 15 minutes before the start of studies, .

Private schools refused to make the decision to disrupt school hours only after the principal attended the school building to make the final decision to disrupt school time, leading to the adoption of decisions of single parents missing their children from the safety safety school.

Parents of Emirates Al-Youm said that the confusion of school principals led to a delay of their work and the occurrence of congested traffic congestion, noting that the decision to disrupt research should be unified by the Ministry of Education to avoid repeated school decisions confused.

They pointed out that some schools decided to disrupt the school hours according to the weather in the area in which the school was located and not according to the state of the country, and in some schools there was no rainwater pool, so they decided to continue their studies at the expense of children's safety. Sending their children to school causes schools to delay school delays.

"All 75 public schools in Ras al-Khaimah decided to disrupt school hours yesterday at all levels because of the heavy rains that hit the Emirates after the accident," said Obaid al-Reiki, head of the UAE's Ras Al Khaimah. 30 schools were dismissed from school After attending classes because they did not receive text alerts, 45 state schools sent text messages to parents who said they were not allowed to attend school and that students did not participate in safety courses.

He explained that the institution continued with all school principals to transfer and connect students from their homes to schools.45 Public schools confirmed that school hours had been stopped before 7:30.

He explained that after a few minutes at school, after receiving a small number of students and the absence of another number by decision of their families, decided the rest of the schools, 30 public schools, students and return them to their homes through the United Arab Emirates Foundation buses.

He noted that the Mossad buses were ready and ready to transport the students and return them to their homes on the roads outside the rainwater pool, indicating that the institution is calling every day with all the schools before transferring students in unstable weather to ensure continued learning or failure as a result of decisions Are taken by school principals as he sees fit.

In Fujairah, school principals, in conjunction with Emirates Trucking Company, East Coast Branch, distributed students after school administrations announced the suspension of official work in more than 12 schools due to unstable weather conditions and the safety and security of students and educational staff.

The director of the Eastern branch of the United Arab Emirates, Muhammad Soheil Said, said that the students were laid off and the end of the early school hours in the mountainous areas and near the valleys towards the rise of water level and accumulation in the streets due to heavy and moderate rain yesterday.

He noted that this program was implemented in cooperation with the school principals in the eastern region to pay students due to heavy rains in the area, the school day was suspended at the Al-Nakhva school, and in some schools and kindergartens in Rafakan, schools and kindergartens in the Masafi area. Students gradually graduated in mountainous areas to less harmful internal areas.

He noted that the mountain areas in the eastern region were a top priority for transporting students, because of rough roads and drilling, in addition to accumulating large quantities of water.

He stressed that schools in the kindergarten are cut off before schools in other stages because of the need for special care when they are transferred from schools to their parents' homes.

The Ministry of Education has authorized school administrations to take the necessary measures to ensure maximum safety for students in the event of severe weather conditions, including fog, sandstorms, wind and rain.

Thirty-two schools in Ras el-Khaima were interrupted

Head of the Education Supervision Department in Ras al-Jaime, Nader Musa, said that private schools have absolute freedom to decide to disrupt the research according to what he sees fit for the safety of the students, explaining that one of the schools dismissed students after the rain stopped and continued with the parents to take the children For their safety. He added that 32 private schools in Ras al-Jaime were suspended because of the weather.

"Ras Al Khaimah Education closely follows the situation of students in private schools to maintain their safety.

Disable schools

The Abu Dhabi School Management Framework stipulates that in the event of severe weather conditions, including fog, sandstorms, wind, rain and floods, the Education and Knowledge Department and the National Meteorology Center will be reconciled. In addition to coordination in cases of delays and confusion that may occur in schools due to adverse weather conditions, monitoring and monitoring school work. Compliance with all relevant parties.

• Private schools that require students to participate in the first semester examination.

• Transportation buses in the Emirates were willing to transport the students and return them to their homes.


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