Thursday , October 6 2022

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Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed al-Qasimi, a member of the Supreme Council and the governor of Sharjah, but last Thursday the third meeting of the Luxor Festival of Arabic Poetry was held, organized by the Luxor House of Poetry. Al-Awais, the head of the Culture Department in Sharjah, the President of the City of Luxor, the Deputy Governor of Luxor, Brig. Gen. Ayman Al-Sharif, Mr. Muhammad Al-Qasir, the Director of the Department of Cultural Affairs, Dr. Haith Al- The director of the House of Poetry in Luxor and an audience of intellectuals, academics, and lovers of poetry, The festival will also include a group of Arab poets and critics, as well as artists and folk art groups.

The first day of events opened in the conference hall where a documentary film about the achievements of the House of Poetry was presented, followed by a speech by the director of the Luxor poetry house, Hussein Al-Qabhi, in which he praised the initiative of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al- Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of the House of Sharjah, and the Arab towns of these houses, which so far have managed to play a positive role in the cultural mobility of the capitals and cities where houses and houses were erected for poetry.

The speech of the Deputy Governor of Luxor, Brigadier General Ayman Al-Sharif, said: "We thank the depth of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al-Qasimi, a member of the Supreme Council and the ruler of the House of Representatives, The creative and creative intellectual in all fields, a model of the Arab intellectual, who initiated the support and sponsorship of the establishment of hair houses in the Arab world, which turned itself into a frontier of poetry in those Arab countries, And to move the poetry and discover the talents of a young poet, and to be a platform for poets from a number of different generations, and develop in its programs the establishment of seminars and poetry evenings and the preparation of training courses on how to practice poetry and writing and delivery.

A poetry evening with the participation of poets (Ahmad Hafez, Roda Shaheen, Abd Al-Mu'allem Kamel, Mahmoud Sarbak, Mahmud Sharif), poets' poems dealt with issues of conscience, patriotism and humanity.

The exhibition was attended by 25 artists and two calligraphers, who presented 35 respectable works of art that aroused the admiration of the audience. The second poetry evening was conducted by the poet Ashraf al-Bolki, in which poets Hassan Tabl, Hussein Halafla, Mohammad Tayel, Nora Osman and Sam Daraz) The first with songs to sing solo will say Aber.

The second day of the festival includes a third poetry evening with the participation of poets Mohammed al-Dawi, Hanan Shaheen, Amr al-Sheikh, Taha al-Sayyid, Mustafa Rajoub and Yunus Abu-Saba.

The third day of the festival begins with a critical session called "Innovations for Youth in the House of Poetry", which includes Dr. Tamar Faiz, Dr. Hossam Al-Mer, Avi, Dr. Hossam Gail, A song entitled "Poets at the borders of Egypt," in which poets from Sinai, Metro and Pe'am give examples of their songs with the participation of Hamdan al-Tarabin, Salameh Abu Nora, Suleiman Abu Daqqa, 'Alaa Ramahi and' Abd al-Qader Tarif.

The festival will take place at the Luxor Theater on the eve of the 5th Poetry Festival at 19:00 with the participation of the poets Nubi Abd Al-Razi, Jamal Al-Shimi, Izzat Al-Tiri, Kamar Sabri Al-Jassim, Muhammad Ghanem Al-Mawla and Joseph Abed. popular.

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