Monday , April 12 2021

Sultan bin Ahmed reviewed the preparations «Expuger»

Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed Al-Qasimi, Chairman of the Shraga Media Council, stressed the importance of the image, which is a clear global language for all societies of different cultures and its important role in many humanitarian and developmental issues, and noted that its responsibility Of the creative photographer is to bring about a positive change in the societies through what he offers, through the lens of subjects that affect our daily lives and the future of generations.

It was during a tour of Sharjah Expo Center, which is set to kick off the International Festival of Photography «Xogar», organized by the Information Office of the Sharjah Government Expo Center under the slogan «Inspired Moments», during the period 21-21 November.

Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed Al-Qasimi noted that the Festival is in line with the orientations of Sharjah, which is the main target of intellectuals and innovators, and has become the hothouse of the human arts in various forms, including photography, and pointed to the importance of Xavier in attracting The most important Arab and international photographers to present their works and share their experiences and knowledge.

Chairman of the Shraga Media Council, attended the presence of Tarek Said Alai, Director of the Public Information Bureau of the Foghara Government, on several internal exhibitions at the festival, and on the halls devoted to workshops and discussion sessions.

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