Thursday , October 28 2021

The Arab World Weekly Cold air masses in the western Mediterranean and the extension of Siberian immigration in the eastern Mediterranean Weather in Arabia


Arabia Weather – The air systems in the Arab world during the week are represented by a load of cold air masses towards the western Mediterranean, and superficial control of the high Siberian air over the western Mediterranean and parts of the Arabian Peninsula, in parallel with the load. Of cold air mass in the upper layers of the atmosphere, causing unstable weather conditions to occur in some countries in the Middle East. The details

Crowds of cold air over Morocco and Algeria sometimes expand towards Tunisia

Morocco and Algeria are affected by cold air mass over the weekend, with temperatures dropping and rain falling over large areas of Morocco, stretching towards different parts of Algeria and arriving in Tunisia on Tuesday, accompanied by wind speed activity, and snow falling from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and Algeria during The impact of cold air mass, and according to indicators obtained from weather forecast models, it was not excluded that a new cold air mass would approach Morocco and Algeria by the end of the week.

Aerial vortex over parts of Libya, Egypt and Sudan

Libya is hit by cold air masses from the northeast earlier this week, with temperatures dropping and rain falling in parts of the northeast of the country as a result of a state of instability. Northwest of the country, with the help of the name.

While Egypt continues to be affected on Sunday by humid air currents leading to rains in parts of the north of the country, and on Monday, a cold air mass hatches to the upper layers of the atmosphere, where a state of atmospheric instability persists until Wednesday causing rain in large parts of northern Egypt, including the capital Cairo , Thank God.

While the weather is hot most days of the week in Sudan, and temperatures are in the mid – late 1930s over large areas in the south of the country, and rain continues in parts of the southeast on the beaches at the beginning of the week, with cold weather remaining at night over large areas in the north and center, Baruch the Name.

Stable weather in most Levantine countries and unstable weather conditions in Palestine, Jordan and Iraq

Temperatures are rising and a stable atmosphere prevails in all the Levant countries in the first days of the week, but parts of Iraq continue to receive precipitation over the weekend, especially in the northern regions, with widespread frost, ice and large freezing formation. Areas of Iraq, and from Monday to Tuesday on Wednesday, a chunk of cold air is approaching in the upper layers of the atmosphere, where a state of air instability is gradually emerging, beginning in southern Palestine, extending to random parts of Jordan and later reaching parts of Iraq, causing volcanic rain and hail. God. “

While the atmosphere remains stable in the rest of the Levant until the weekend, with indications of rain returning to the country’s shores starting Thursday, it is not possible to go into details due to a long period of time and the possibility of changing the data.

A steady start in the skies over Kuwait and continued unstable weather conditions in Saudi Arabia

The weather will be colder than usual in Kuwait earlier this week, and the same weather systems affecting Iraq will move towards the country in the middle of the week, where unstable weather prevails and thunderstorms descend over large areas of the country. Thank God as the country continues to be affected by unstable weather conditions until the end of the week.

While the weather is colder than usual in the north and parts of central Saudi Arabia most days of the week, due to the expansion of Siberian air altitude, while the weather is warm in the southern regions, sporadic and random parts of the country continue to be affected by unstable weather conditions. Local and random character, and rain and hail showers, God willing.

Hot weather during the day in Qatar and Bahrain and a chance of rain

A warm atmosphere prevails during the day all days of the week in different areas of Qatar and Bahrain, as there is no substantial change in the atmosphere in the coming days, except for rain chances in parts of both countries, especially at the beginning of the week, with continued cold weather at night.

The weather is stable and warmer than usual in the Emirates and Oman, and the rain continues in western Yemen

A stable atmosphere prevails all days of the week in all regions of the Emirates and Sultan Oman, and temperatures range from the late 1920s to early 1930s, with the atmosphere remaining cold in some areas at night, while there is no change in the description of the atmosphere in Yemen except thunderstorms.

Air systems in the Arab world this week, God willing

God knows.