Wednesday , March 3 2021

The figure «7» is sold at auction of 5 million euros of vehicles in the company

The auction was organized by the Emirates Auction in cooperation with the General Staff of the Shraga Police, but at a cost of € 5 million, the tender was held at the Al Ja'far Convention Center and at the events center in Sharjah.

While the solution number (20) instead of two at their apartment $ 1.0009 million, while solving the figure (14) in third place at $ 1,00081 million dollars, while the record number (55), the highest number of contestants after the competition heated by the tender participants Before and number (69), which came in second place in terms of number of proposals, recorded a million 225 thousand dirhams.

The tender ended with an amazing success in the number of participants and in the competitive atmosphere that prevailed in the tender, as well as the level of revenues achieved and the public satisfaction, in light of the varied package offered by the Shraga Police, which included unique numbers (one, two and three) with this type of tender. The winners of the tender receive a certificate of ownership after the completion of the entire purchase process. And are entitled to give up the unique number they have won during the auction for others.


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