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The Knowledge Authority and the Dubai Scout Committee are working to disseminate existing skills among students


Dubai Knowledge and Development Human Authority (KHDA) agreed in Dubai on November 7
And the Dubai Scout Committee to develop special discovery activities in Marmoom Reserve from
During the "Marmaris Scouts" project, which is the result of cooperation between the Commission and the Commission
And the UAE Scouts Association.

The Al Marmum Nature Reserve, declared by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Din
Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai
An open, open, tourism and leisure project in the country aims to shed light
Light on one of the most important desert reserves in the country and in the region
Embracing innate life that is among the richest and most diverse and provides shelter
For a variety of poor animals and birds as well
Hosted by many environmental programs and innovative tourism projects
Which are aimed at different groups of the company, thus creating a pioneering project
Her genre embraces the concept of multi-domain environmental entertainment and concerns and translates it
Through vital projects that combine environmental education and awareness with tourism

Dubai Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) and Dubai Scout Committee signed
This framework is a cooperation agreement in a ceremony held in Marmom reserve in cooperation with
In the presence of Dr. Abdullah Al-Karam, Chairman of the Board
Director General of the Department of Human Knowledge and Development (HDHA), and General (ret.) Abdul
Rahman to Rafi, chairman of the Scouts Committee in Dubai and Hind al-Muwala, head of innovation
Happiness and Innovation Committee and Commander Khalil Rahma Ali Secretary General
The Emirates Scout Association and the Director of the Dubai Scout Committee, Nora Al Mutawa
Deputy Chairman of the Dubai Scout Committee, with the participation of about 51 students
From public and private schools belonging to the UNHCR visit team.

The agreement is in line with the goals of the "Al-Scouts" project, which aims to develop skills and abilities
The young generation physically and culturally, and nurture the spirit of origin and connection to the land
Positive communication with the natural environment, as well as offers a variety of package
Various activities promote the concepts of the environment, wildlife and desert
The rich nature of the protected and vivid experience of learning by practicing and imparting values
Positive challenges and self-seeking, and to develop problem-solving abilities.

Hind Al-Mualla, the head of creativity, happiness and innovation in the PA, said this
And the importance of the "Al-Marmoum Scouts" project as an effective tool for promoting education
Positive education sector in Dubai, the agreement constitutes a qualitative addition to the achievement
Our common goals in the project are to combine our efforts to spread the culture of sustainability
And to attract our students to active participation in viewing tools
And new stickers and decorations designed specifically for the scaled-down scout project
To promote the positive values ​​of young generations by positive engagement with
Nature and empower them to maintain local environmental skills and components
Desert Nature of the United Arab Emirates.

The Dubai Scout Committee was designed in collaboration with the Human Knowledge Development Authority (KHDA) in Dubai
A package of activities and events in the Al-Marmar area, including sunrise and sunset
For private schools in April, in addition to the Almarmoom program
Which includes a series of periodic workshops run along

On his part, Lil Rahma Ali praised the Secretary-General of the Emirates Scouts Association
And CEO of the Dubai Scout Committee on the importance of the project "Alarmm Viewers" which
Is the result of cooperation between the Authority for Development of Knowledge and Development in Dubai and the Committee
Dubai viewers of the UAE spectators, stressing the importance of using the Commission
Memorandum of Understanding on achieving the future objectives of the Scouts and Development Project
Abilities and skills of young generations physically and culturally and fuels the spirit of originality and development
Belonging to land.

According to him, 350 participants from different sectors of the educational community are students and teachers
Take part in a variety of different activities designed to promote
The concepts of protecting the environment and the rich animals that characterize it are protected
Almarm .. points to the beginning of the camp's work Elmer 2 viewers within the project
Scout Scouts in December will be targeted through a wide range of activities
Giving students the opportunity to experience a learning experience by practicing and imparting values
Positive and self-seeking are going to challenges to develop their abilities and skills in solving

The Scout Movement strives to contribute positively to the education of young people
In their local, regional, and global communities to develop their physical abilities
Mental, social, spiritual and emotional based on their principles
By the obligation towards God towards others towards self and self following the method of scouting which
Elements of work include promise, law, learning by doing and working in groups
Small and practice their activities in nature and the application of a system of pasting a hobby
Ability and commitment to the observing traditions and work under the leadership of the educational leadership
Good governance and community participation.

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