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The United Arab Emirates is ready to host the 2019 Asian Cup 50 days before the start

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Al-Awani confirms the completion of all preparations for the launch of the Asian event. From the source

The Local Organizing Committee of the 2010 Asian Cup confirmed the willingness of the UAE to host the largest continental tournament and the unprecedented history of the Asian Cup of Nations, to be held from January 5 to February 1, 50 days before the launch of the event, which you will see for the time The first participation of 24 teams instead of 16 as it was in previous tournaments.

The local press committee reported that the eight stadiums that had been approved, according to the highest specifications, had recently been developed and renewed.

Al Maktoum Stadium in Dubai is one of the most developed stadiums with 15,000 seats, with more than 5,000 seats. It is equipped with state-of-the-art security, safety and lighting technology in accordance with European stadium standards and standards. Rashid Stadium in the Shabab al-Ahli Club to increase its capacity from 9400 spectators to 12,000.

The development of the Mohammed bin Zaid stadium at the El Gouna Club has been completed and several stadiums have been upgraded. In addition to Zaid Stadium in the Al Ain Club, which has undergone limited updates, the lighting has changed completely in stadiums that have not been extensively expanded. Between the Zaid al-Ain and Al Nahyan Stadium in Ahdut.

The stadium has undergone drastic changes starting from the main platform, alongside two tracks, one 250 seats, 150 elevator and 300 seats for media representatives.

Over the past few years, a number of community programs have been launched to reach a wide range of communities to increase awareness and momentum among the various communities throughout the tournament. The school program has reached more than 75,000 students in various schools in Israel to interact with the event and raise the level of awareness of athletes and By informing them about the different cultures of the countries participating in the tournament, to reflect the positive impact of hosting the tournament on the UAE community.

Asian Cup Director Arif Al-Awani confirmed in press statements the completion of all organizational preparations in terms of the readiness of stadiums and training courses and the residence of delegations and missions of participation teams and communications delegations, security and transportation and communications programs and volunteers, as well as promotional campaigns aimed at achieving the massive momentum Of the championship, in general, to interact with the ground tournament.

"We are only 50 days from the continental event, which will see the participation of 24 teams throughout the history of the tournament, the introduction of Video Assistive Technology (VAR), the big competition that will bring Asian teams to the tournament, will reflect the creative capabilities of UAE nationals lead and manage the organization Of major sporting events.

In addition, the AFC judges committee approved the introduction of VAR from the quarterfinals. AFC is working intensively with the world's leading providers of video support technology, which were first implemented in the history of the ground tournament to be held in the United Arab Emirates with its updated version of eight stadiums.

Eight stadiums are now ready for land competition.

– Al Maktoum Stadium, the most advanced stadium in the future, which has undergone development work and has a capacity of 15 thousand spectators.

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