Wednesday , September 28 2022

The United Arab Emirates returns an Iraqi passenger upon his arrival in Dubai


United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Monday returned an Iraqi passenger upon his arrival in Dubai, said Border Border authorities.

Al-Suomariya's news channel reported that he was being prosecuted and handed over to the Baghdad police station.

The agency said the UAE authorities had returned with an Iraqi passenger with a fake Iraqi passport on the other name, indicating that he had used a passport upon his arrival in Dubai.

She added that "he was referred to the competent authorities by the Research and Investigation Division in cooperation with the Passport Office of the airport, after checking and verifying the passport in the laboratory analysis of forged documents," noting that "a legal action was taken against him was transferred to the judiciary and transferred to the police station Baghdad International Airport . "

It should be noted that the border crossings periodically announce the arrest of people and seizure of forged passports and various materials, including drugs at the border crossings linking Iraq with neighboring countries and airports in the country.

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