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All you need to know about the conflict of real players – focuses on the event that took place yesterday in Croatia and Spain.

Mudrik vs Ceballos: Everything you need to know about the conflict of real players


On the eve of Croatia, there was a game of the League of Nations where the local team defeated the Spain team in a bright match. The game itself ended with a win of "checkers" with a minimal advantage of 3: 2, but the game was to remember not only with beautiful moments and goals, But also with intense struggle in the center of the field, the main fighters of which were … True Croatian team members Luca Mudrik and Spanish Danny Seballos.

The head coach of the Spain team, Luis Enrique, was well aware that it was the center of the field – the main weapon of the Croatian national team, and it is not surprising that the coach ordered a single person to take care of Luka Modric. To perform such a task in charge was entrusted to Danny Ceballos, who gradually goes to the position of the first Real. Enrique relied on the fact that Danny knew how Mudrik was working and what to expect from him. And here the fun began.

In the middle of the first half, Luca tried to get away from Dani and at the same time hit or did not hit (probably the second) his teammate (video from 11 seconds). And from that moment among the players of Real Madrid began a personal battle.

Soccer players played each other roughly, pushing and straightening their voices out loud. The apogee of their war was in the next half of Loco Modrica. If we had not known these players and were not aware of their club partnership, we would have concluded the obvious and obvious conclusion: Mudrik and Sibelos have an ongoing conflict and are simply settling old scores.

Do you remember what Yevgeny Konoplianka said about Danny Sibelos? Ukrainian intersected with the Spanish in the game samples, when he defended the colors of Sevilla. Dani played at Betis then, and Sevilla's derby was one of the most important in Spain. "When I was in my first game in Seville, against Betis, I thought I'd get a red card, what's his first name? Ceballos! When he woke me up, that's the most mentioned player I hated somewhere, and the judge does not see it." Similar feelings yesterday apparently experienced Luka Mudrik. Even though the Croat himself had to be identified, he could have played more carefully.

After the game, the players could not avoid the press's questions about their aggressive behavior, but the journalists were meant to hear banal sentences.

"I had a little problem with Mudrik, but nothing happened, there are things left on the field, Luca is a great player and a man," Sibalos said.

"Danny defended his country, I-mine, it's normal, we hugged each other, and I'm sure we joke about our opposition more than once in Madrid," Luca promised.

I want to believe that the words of football players were honest, but to remember the extent of their struggle on the football field, it seems that such moments do not pass without a trace.

And so the players see the struggle.

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