Saturday , October 1 2022

Anastasia Voloch Kuba brought Father home


A ballerina brought Father from the sanatorium to the renovated apartment. He spent the past few months in the sanatorium, where his daughter hid him from his real wife.

A few months ago, Anastasia Voloch, Cuba, without publishing Boa, arrived in St. Petersburg to visit her father and saw that his apartment was in an unsuitable state. In the words of the ballerina herself, she presented the apartment 10 years ago, and he lived there with his wife and daughter. The reason for the visit was rumors that they had come to Wola, where Yuri Voloch's wife, Cobb, not only treated him with disrespect and rudeness but also allowed himself to be beaten.

Papa Walcott, Cuba
Father Vlochkova / frame of the program

Over the past few years, the interior of the apartment suffered greatly, and Volochkova tends to blame her stepmother too. The women faced a great quarrel, and then Anastasia, along with her daughter, was forced to leave her home. Then the ballerina sent her parents to the clinic in Leningrad, under the supervision of experts, who concluded that a man needed urgent care. Meanwhile she was busy repairing the living space. Builders hired him retooled, updated and repaired everything that was needed, and brought in new furniture. As Anastasia says, Elena and her daughter lived in many ways at her expense, and did not hesitate to take part in Yuri's allowance.

When Veloch's father returned to the renovated housing, he was happy. Anastasia herself does not plan to forbid Elena from communicating with her father, but now she arranges for the nurse to be present.

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