Monday , May 16 2022

Buy Xiaomi Mi AirDots in Russia has become possible


At the beginning of the week, what many were waiting for happened. Without notice, the announcement of the Xiaomi Mi AirDots wireless headset has occurred, which is a direct competitor to Apple AirPods and Huawei FreeBuds, but they have one important feature – they are more than 5 times cheaper than analogues from these manufacturers. The innovation costs only 199 yuan in China, that is, 1,950 rubles (depending of course), and Russian residents can already buy it.

In particular, it was possible to buy Xiaomi Mi AirDots in Russia thanks to the aliexpress trading platform, where some sellers have already organized their sale. It is important and necessary to understand that this device for personal listening to music, if it goes on sale in Russian territory, it will cost under 4-5 thousand rubles, at least in the official markets. Therefore it is better now to take care of yourself by purchasing renewal with shipping from China. Such a decision will help save money and time.

The edition found that these headphones are already available for orders directly from China and will be shipped before the end of November. The innovation in front of Xiaomi Mi AirDots is a type "gag" type headset, which completely cut external noise, making it suitable for an active lifestyle for traveling in public transport. Inside all headphones is a 40 mAh battery. One of its full charge is enough for 4 hours of sound playback in a volume above average.

For carrying a charging headset, a special branded case is used, which also has a built-in battery, but already at 350 mAh. This allows you to charge all headphones 2 to 3 times, with the result that the autonomy increases significantly (up to 12 hours or more). The USB Type C interface is used to charge the case, and Xiaomi Mi AirDods can only be bought for white, but in the future, it is possible that the black color solution will also go to the store shelves if the manufacturer finds it suitable. Connects to a smartphone with Bluetooth 5.0 LE response technology, which is backward compatible with earlier versions of the device.

Now you can buy Xiaomi Mi AirDots with delivery to Russia on aliexpress for 2 500 rubles. Yes, it is much more expensive than the official price tag in China, but in all stores, the stock of these headphones has been sold out, that is, they are missing, which can last until the end of the month. If you choose the ePacket delivery method, then the package must reach recipients from the major cities of the Russian Federation, such as Moscow and St. Petersburg, only 7-10 days. You can order a new product here.

Previously, Xiaomi launched a new push button phone with a large battery and 4G support, and it also looks very stylish.

By November 25, inclusive, everyone has a unique opportunity to get Xiaomi Mi Band 3 free sports bracelet, spending only 1 minute of their personal time.

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