Saturday , April 17 2021

“Castro has a competitor – the coaching staff in the form of Tyson, Marlos, Patrick and Moras”, reports Alexander Sofko – Football

Former Shekhtar defender Oleksandr Sofko believes Tyson, Marlos, Alan Patrick and Junior Moras are not listening to Luis Castro’s instructions.

Shakhtar has a systemic problem. The team’s coaching staff has a competitor – another coaching staff, who enters the field and puts the game there as he sees it. These are Tyson, Marlos, Alan Patrick and Junior Moras who joined them. Recently they either interpret the head coach’s instructions in their own way, or do not take into account at all and start playing football, which they think is closer, more interesting, more correct.

The worst thing is that when the four of them meet, the game starts to break down completely. If there are one or two of these four on the field, team actions are somehow saved, but when there are four of them everything goes somersault.

This is a problem that Castro sees and to which he will respond in the near future, to put things in order. “After all, such an attitude to game discipline is necessarily a punishment by the opponent,” said Sopko.

Shakhtar’s plans this week are to defeat Maccabi and Zoria. The miners have already dealt with the first, and now it’s time to understand the UPL 💪

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