Friday , May 7 2021

Features of LADA Granta with HBO is shared by the owner: AvtoMedia: VladTime

The driver said how much of the gas equipment setup on the car costs him, and if he enjoys it.

Against the background of the situation in the fuel market, Russian drivers often put themselves before the question: Is it worth it to spend money on the installation of gas equipment for their vehicles. So, in the evening of the owner of one of the most common cars in Russia LADA Granta, on his YouTube channel Leo Nid posted a video in which he shared the car features, identified after installing HBO on it.

According to the author, he installed HBO on the Grant in June last year, which cost him 23 thousand rubles. In this case, the driver admitted that he had not registered the facility. The number said that for a run of 30,000 kilometers on a gas drive, with an average fuel consumption of 9 liters per 100 kilometers and a fuel cost of 23 rubles per liter, 64,800 rubles had to be prepared. This amount takes into account 3,000 rubles spent on fuel, which will certainly need to refuel at Grant (the engine starts heating up on gasoline). Even at 64,800 rubles are included maintenance cost, made every 10,000 km to adjust the valves.If you drive on gasoline, then for 30,000 km of run with an average consumption of 7 liters per "hundred" and with a fuel cost of 43 rubles, Fuel and maintenance will cost 90,300 rubles.

At first glance, the advantage is obvious, but according to the driver, HBO should not be thought by those who drive LADA Granta less than 20 thousand km per year.In addition, the author noted that it should be borne in mind about the constant increase of gas cost, the price tag of which in some areas Already reach 30 rubles per liter.Therefore, the author insists that HBO is only beneficial to those who regularly, travel a lot to work and travel by personal transport.

Ivan Golovin

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