Saturday , October 16 2021

Holyfield: Mustache – the best boxer at the same time

Former absolute world champion in two different weight categories Evander Holyfield compared his fist matches with the current world champion in the championship, Alexander Usik, he called the Ukrainian boxer the best of the current period.

"It's hard to judge him from what I saw, but in the end he fought with a knockout with Blue, and he was calmer when I was aggressive, he's in a twelve-round arena, and I'm fifteen, but he does not mix like many combinations As I did and his hands did not seem as fast as mine.

When I fight with big boxers, I always beat on their body because it's the part of the body that never moves. I often worked on it and it did not affect the opponents for 2-3 seconds, but constantly reminded myself during the entire battle. Personally, I have not seen Osek often do something similar, and if he becomes White, he will have to work on it.

But we're talking about two different periods and now it's coming. Is the best price at the time. I do not say respectable statements and claim I can defeat him. We need to look at things realistically, this struggle will never take place, "Holyfield said.

Recall that Alexander Usyk won a bright sparkling victory over the British Tony Bellew. In the eighth round, Ukrainians knocked Blau.

For fans of Usik, Lomachenko and other boxers, we created a separate page dedicated to punch in a telegram!

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