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Horoscope for October 18-24, 2021 for All Zodiac Signs – Astrology –


Within a week, there will be a breakthrough in many areas, expansion and rise to a new level. A good time to hold meetings, launch commercials, give speeches, give lectures.

On October 18 Mercury stops and from October 19 enters direct traffic. You should consider the new rules, the restrictions of quarantine, the permits – all of this is included in our lives. If people understand and accept, it will become much easier – most of the difficulties will be left behind, many issues will be resolved safely, especially after October 21, when Justice will leave the stationary stage and start direct movement.

Within a week, there will be a breakthrough in many areas, expansion and rise to a new level. A good time to hold meetings, launch commercials, give speeches, give lectures. Any contact with the representatives of the law will end successfully, and any negotiations with the authorities will also be convenient.

On October 20, the full moon in Aries at 17:57 Kiev time will bring with it the energies of optimism, joy, cheerfulness, childish spontaneity. And it will help to adapt more easily to the tense situations caused by the tense aspect of Mars – Pluto (an accurate aspect on October 22). Planetary energies will require compromise, objective analysis of the situation, profound and constructive transformations. At this point, the most tense situations will be triggered and complex scenarios will be implemented. The third decade of October will be characterized by changes in the financial sector, personal and business relations, partnership and cooperation.

After the full moon, people will become more impulsive and belligerent, there will be a desire to fight for cardinal reforms in production, careers and entrepreneurship. It is possible to demonstrate on a large scale and to aggravate the military conflicts. The number of accidents will increase, therefore, you need to be very careful when driving vehicles and as a football, when using different equipment, performing experiments and trials.

On October 23 at 07:51 Kiev time, the sun enters the sign of Scorpio until November 22 – this is a transformative and deep period, very important for everyone. Scorpio is an energetically strong sign, yet at the same time sensitive and hidden. New circumstances will force many people to change the way they think or act. The best time to understand your mission and set goals.

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Your life becomes brighter and richer, circumstances force you to react faster to situations in order to achieve the best. Do not miss a single chance – raise your excess energy in the right direction – physical work or creative activity. You have every opportunity to be a leader – you radiate energy, people are attracted to you. If you succumb to laziness, then the release of energy will not happen, and it will lead to a lot of stress, agitation, stiffness. If you were not happy with something inside, but tried not to show it, then during the week a lot is revealed.


At this point it is difficult to hide anything, so if you do not want the secret to be revealed, be careful of your actions, statements and actions. Activity and assertiveness, initiative, will help you attract the attention of the partner, the desired boss (in order to increase your importance to the team, improve working conditions and pay). Physical mobility, ease of recovery, optimism – all this contributes to career growth, business development. However, when doing business, you need to pay attention to the tendency for wild actions, hasty decisions, unstoppable financial aspirations.


A period of honest communication, harmony in relationships with loved ones and colleagues. They invite you, pay attention to your appearance, to statements, so that you can create the desired impression on others. They manage to solve many issues, promote standing issues, spend a pleasant and useful time. At this point, you can influence the majority opinion, consider each situation from different points of view, taking into account the interests of all interested parties. It will definitely give you the opportunity to climb the career ladder or gain popularity, respect from the team.


The full moon on October 20 will mark the beginning of dramatic changes in many areas of life. This week is difficult, tense, however, if you know how to negotiate so that all parties are satisfied, then you will definitely find support in the form of partners and leaders. Avoid harsh and direct statements, and try to dress your thoughts diplomatically, in an attempt not to offend the pride or dignity of others. Your mental strength, your ability to influence other people increases significantly, but it also annoys those who are used to being the first.


Along with technical knowledge and understanding of the processes taking place in your environment and around the world, it is necessary to train the ability to communicate with your subconscious, but so that it remains stable and open. Exciting period, fears may arise, because your ruler – the sun, changes the sign of the zodiac – Harmonic Libra enters a scorpion crisis. Try to maintain a balance no matter what – beautiful words, beautiful deeds, outward obedience and so-called good manners will allow you to get what you want from people. At this point, your ability to control people through words increases.


This week is important to you, in general, comfortable. To increase the chance of luck, luck, development – try to be on the horizon, among people, in the center. Do as much as possible, help others – your power is enormous and in critical situations you manage to find the right solution, reach a compromise. A good time to get into sports, as exercise and competitiveness increase. The romantic activity, the number of contacts with the opposite sex also increased. However, you become somewhat dependent on emotions and contexts, so you may have a hard time choosing.


Impulsive actions, the tendency to point out the “I” can disappoint you in terms of maintaining family peace and harmony in a marital relationship. Intense emotional lives and more important personal and business relationships lead to immense fatigue. It is very important to allocate your resources correctly, take care of your mental and physical health, otherwise you will miss out on promising offers and useful relationships. Selectivity in contacts is necessary, because in the near future you will have many opportunities in terms of economic and social growth.


The number of meetings, business and personal, has increased, the need to visit different public and cultural places where you can meet acquaintances, share news with them and make new connections. Trips are more often business, shared, collective or in connection with public affairs, will help improve the situation at work, increase income, expand the impact. From October 23 the sun enters your fortune, meaning joy, happiness, new opportunities will contribute to improving the quality of your life. Try to draw objective conclusions, if something goes wrong, you may want to change the methods to get what you want.


Decisiveness, objectivity, respect for the statements of others, help to make significant progress and get closer to achieving goals. At the same time, confrontation, running competitors, hypocrisy towards you, intrigue of the soulless behind your back are possible, so do not lose your vigilance and do not rejoice if everything goes too smoothly. In general, you are lucky, you manage to avoid sharp corners, but only trust yourself, do not trust important and central work steps for other people. They may try to create obstacles for you, but complete personal control will neutralize your opponents.


Problems may arise due to the irresponsibility of partners or subordinates. Perhaps it is time to change the terms of the collaboration, reward and organization of the work process. If you’ve been thinking about changing your profession or workplace for a long time, it’s time. In the near future it will be easier to adapt to the team, to a new position, to a new place of residence, so make the most of this week. External restrictions introduced at the state level will not bring you serious obstacles, so do not give up on your goals and act actively – you will succeed in realizing a lot.


You do not feel particularly comfortable in the current conditions – you need to change plans, give up for some reason, change your usual financial expenses. This week is tense, but if you focus mostly, you will definitely find solutions to all the pressing issues. You should not rely on help – they prefer to ask for it, but your refusal may be perceived as too aggressive. Therefore, plan your time so that there is enough time for your work and business, as well as for people dear to you, if you want to maintain good relationships with others.


An important period, especially on the subject of partnerships, personal and business relationships. A good time to settle alliances, contracts, agreements, sales and acquisitions. The economic situation is improving, business is expanding, despite the new conditions during the epidemic. You’re unlikely to feel it strongly, tk. You will be able to rebuild quickly, find a way of employment and profits, while maintaining what you are used to. At this point you may be attracted to toxic people, enemies, whose real faces will be revealed over time, so be careful when making new connections.

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