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How Yevgeny Osin died // NTV.Ru


Dead Aspen is in Moscow 3 rooms Brother sister apartment. The singer week did not contact us. When the woman opened the door with her key, it was too late. According to preliminary data 54 years old The activist stopped the heart.

Alexander Malinin, A musician: "Zenia … I can tell you that this is, of course, the sad news."

Alexander Marshall, A musician: "I spoke to him, and all my friends, and the artists, the ones who knew him well, you see, it's such a disgusting thing that he owns the soul of man, not the body, the body – that's understandable, but the soul. I hope he will come to God. "

He knew the whole country about addiction to alcohol. Colleagues Show business He tried to help him.

Igor Serhanov, A musician: "I swore with him that he would leave all the way through such attachments." He was glad for people, but unfortunately, the cunning took himself in. Unfortunately, one evil won.

Katya Lal, Singer: "I really wanted him to save himself, he had more time, but Somehow He could not take himself. I said to him: You're a strong person, hold on, you're talented. And he answered: I'll try. "

Yevgeny Osin's neighbors confirm that recently they have hardly seen a musician, he has hardly come out and opened the door to anyone. The singer drank heavily. As the program "You will not believe it!", It turned out that the visitor had sunk into such a situation that he went unshaven and wild, did not hesitate to meet his guests in a bathrobe over his naked body, and made his way down the corridor of his luxurious apartment.

The singer complained that he was barely going, and Because of There are no fixed falls on it. Oisin, hard to pronounce, admitted that he was a strong drinker because there was not a loved one next to him. After the divorce, his ex-wife Natalya did not allow Aspen to see her daughter Agnia. It also depressed the artist.

A year ago, he was treated at a drug treatment clinic in Thailand. Koh Samui received a room in the cottage. With two neighbors. Nearby the collector had a swimming pool, patients were fed like a five-star hotel, but the singer complained that he was not so happy with this heavenly life.

A miracle did not happen, and Ausin escaped from a drug treatment clinic. Dana Borisova, who was also treated in Thailand and kept Oisin there, begged him to come back. Borisov had no doubt that he had once again washed away the bitter treatment and all the precious treatment that had gone down the drain.

In May this year, Yevgeny Osin boasted that he was associated with addiction, and replaced alcohol with extremism. From his youth he liked motorcycles, so he sold a three-story garage on the ruble to buy new motorcycles. True, on the first trip the singer released his leg, but it did not stop him. At that time, right in front of the NTV camera, there was another accident that almost cost a living artist. He wanted to show that with the plaster on his leg he was skillfully driving a motorcycle, but when he drove to the track, he ran into a tractor.

Doctors discovered a fracture of the radial bone in Aspen. Later, the comptroller complained that he was debating. At the hospital, they promised that the famous patient stayed with them for three weeks and was released in good health.

The exact cause of Yevgeny Osin's death will be established after a judicial review. The song "Crying Girl in the Machine" will be buried in the cemetery of Trojakovski.

The whole country will remember the playful and playful artist, during which Boris Yeltsin won his campaign.

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