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Idris Elba is recognized as the sexiest person of 2018


An illustrative photo (Collage of RBC-Ukraine)

An illustrative photo (Collage of RBC-Ukraine)

In 2017, the title holder was Blake Shelton.

Famous People Magazine once again chose the owner of the title "Sexiest Male in Life". In 2018, he became a popular British player Idris Alba.

Idris, 46, responded with humor to the news.

"I thought:" Is that really true? "Then he looked in the mirror and realized that I was really sexy today, really, it was a strange feeling, a pleasant surprise, of course, and a stimulus to my ego," he remarked.

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Please note that Idris Alba is one of the most sought-after players of his generation in Hollywood. He is best known for his trilogy, "Prometheus," "Ghost Rider 2," "Pacific Rim," "Between Us." There have been persistent rumors that he will be the next player in the role of James Bond, but so far they have not been confirmed.

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Photo: Idris Elba (

Note that the heart of the sexiest people on earth is not free. In February, he proposed a 29-year-old American model of Somali descent, Sabrina Daor, who in 2014 won the beauty contest of Miss Vancouver.

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Photo: Idris Elba and Sabrina Daor (

People magazine annually "appointed" the sexiest man since 1985, when this title was first given to actor Mel Gibson.

The two holders of this honorary status at one time were George Clooney and Brad Pitt. In 2016, Dwayne Scala won the Johnson Award, and in 2017, Blake Shelton.

Photo: Idris Elba (

Recall, the popular magazine Empire named 20 leading films released in the UK in 2018. The best film of the year, according to the compilers of the rating, was the movie "The Avengers: Infinity War".

Earlier, the best Ukrainian films of 2018 were called.

By the way, it has become known what stars of business show Americans called the best presidential candidates.

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