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In the center of Kiev, there were clashes between the right radicals and the participants in the march for the rights of people transgender – Ukraine


In the center of Kiev on Sunday, November 18, representatives of right-wing organizations disrupted Walk on transgender rights, Reports the organization "Insight". The gathering place was postponed several times, according to activists, the march was agreed with the capital authorities and law enforcement, but on the day of its holding in the park near the Red Building of Kiev University National University. The Neko began the right-wing radicals of the action and representatives of the religious communities.

Participants in the "Mars Trance" intend to announce their demands to the Ministries of Health, Internal Affairs and other competent bodies to publish the implementation program of ICD-11 (International Classification of Diseases – Ed). In Ukraine to approve a new clinical protocol for medical assistance to people of transgender vows.

As well as the removal of the ban on adoption for them, the inclusion of gender identity marks in legislation on the struggle against discrimination, and a list of signs in which violent phenomena should be treated as hate crimes.

Representatives of extremist organizations met with marchers at the entrance to the university's subway station, law enforcement officers and the dialogue police organized Konson between the two groups, writes Ukraenska Pravda.

Unknown people threw smoke bombs on the road, and two activists suffered as a result of spraying tear gas. Then they were taken by the ambulance. Canadian journalist Michael Colburn was hit in the face and smashed his glasses.

Participants in the "Terence-Mars" had to stop the operation and went down to the subway. Police, referring to what happened in the center of the capital, reported that they must divide the marchers and actions of right-wing radicals to "avoid conflicts".

"The police, to avoid conflicts, divided the participants, at the same time, an unknown person used a gas spray, resulting in two people needing medical help," said the Department of Communications of the National Police in Kiev.

However, RF journalist / RL Christopher Miller called the actions of professional law enforcement officers. "They pushed dozens of activists into the Metro through the turnstiles, after doing nothing to prevent the actions of right-wing radicals who threw smoke bombs," he wrote on his Twitter account. A similar assessment of police actions was given by participants in advance in their last statement posted on the organization's Facebook page.

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Recall, June 17 The annual "March of Equality" took place in KievAbout 5,000 representatives of the LGBT community and their supporters took part in the human rights activity.

Before the rally, activists from national and religious organizations and law enforcement clashed. As a result of the clashes, activists and five enforcement officers were injured. The information was submitted to the ERDR under sections 342 (opposition to law enforcement officer) and 345 (threat or violence against law enforcement officer) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

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