Saturday , October 23 2021

Jennifer Lopez earned two million dollars in 20 minutes


Jennifer Lopez earned two million dollars in 20 minutesA total of a star received performance in Qatar

The American singer Jennifer Lopez, who recently appeared fashionably at a meeting in Qatar, as it turned out, went to this country for a party. There, a celebrity was invited to speak at the opening of the shopping mall Mall City Mall Doha shopping mall Doha, writes, citing today.

She could not refuse such a tempting offer, because she was paid two million dollars for a 20-minute concert at the compound.

Also, under the terms of the contract, Lopez appealed to the visitors of the complex. During her speech, the artist spoke about women's rights. In addition, the singer did not refuse to share photos with fans.

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Apparently, in Qatar, Jay Lo is very fond. After all, next week she was invited again to talk, however, the event will take place in the United States. Lopez is expected to give a 20-minute concert at Qatar Airways at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles. This concert was offered to Jennifer 1, "Million Dollar, It is still not known if an artist will appear at the event.

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