Sunday , May 16 2021

Minister Andrei Riva called Ukrainians in the scum of LDNR

The Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine, Andrei Raba, strongly criticized the inhabitants of occupied Donbass. The speech of the minister appeared in part of the BBC, dedicated to the problems of residents of "LDNR".

"Everyone who was pro-Ukrainian, they left, and whoever wants to get two pensions suits them, let them be tolerated, I do not really pity them, I feel sorry for these soldiers and officers with families who were murdered there because of this official scum

Raba said that these people must stop suffering, the war must stop. "For this, tenants must leave the territory of Ukraine," added the minister.

Section of the interview Reva speech at 3:40 pm

Earlier, Strana reported that much decided to explain why the Germans, with an average salary of 2.5 thousand euros, spend 14% of their income on food, while the Ukrainians, with an average wage of 200-250 euros, spend 50%. In his opinion, it is because our citizens eat a lot, but the Germans eat less.

Later, Reba denied that he scolded the Ukrainians for gluttony.

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