Wednesday , March 3 2021

Parshata complained about the disease that tormented her

Yulia Parshota, a graduate of the Star Factory, was for a time the lead singer of the yin-yang band. Now the singer is building a solo career.

In addition to recording new tracks, Julia is actively involved on Instagram. She usually talks about creativity, but today decided to discuss a personal issue.

Parshata talked about the disease that has really tormented her in recent years.

“I live with a bad dream. It can not be understood by someone who falls asleep easily and recommends walking in the air before bed, drinking mint tea, bathing with salt and arranging for themselves other amazing adventures,” she wrote.

Julia admitted that she almost always wakes up in a bad mood. It can be very difficult for her to recover after a sleepless night.

She also noted that the problem is not at all related to an idle lifestyle. The singer works a lot, records new hits and is actively involved in sports.

“Every night I ask the same question in space: ‘Why? “. And so far I have not received an understandable answer neither from my subconscious nor from the environment,” the artist shared.

Now Parshat is planning to go to a special clinic.

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