Thursday , May 13 2021

Pros and Cons of LADA Vesta Sports called Blogger: AvtoMedia: VladTime

After a week's review of the sports version of "Vesta", the reviewer explained the pros and cons of this car, and also noted that the sports brand accepted the model for good reason.

Autobloger energetic Sergei Nikolaev organized large-scale tests LADA Vesta Sports, lasting a week. During this time, the car traveled about 1,000 km, and the test showed that the oil level had not changed since the beginning of the operation, the car was able to accelerate to 200 km / h, provided that there were four people in the cabin.

As autexpert explained, Vesta Sport has such a name not so much because of acceleration dynamics, but because of borrower developments from the VTCC Vesta race. No one complained about the treatment of a regular sedan, but the sports version became even more docile. With almost sharp maneuvers. Even obzorschik stressed that for the whole time testing never had punches and shock absorbers on the body.

However, the blogger concluded that LADA Vesta Sport is not very suitable for long journeys, because even the lack of smooth uniformity of the road leads to the jump of the car. Another disadvantage of the model is the large turning radius.

But praise has been awarded to the brake system of a sports car: the brake pedal has become much more sensitive, and the slowdown itself is reminiscent of VAG cars. Although this version became heavier by 40 kg, the stopping distance was reduced by 6% compared to the usual "Vesta".

Also, the reviewer noted that the LADA Vesta Sport engine did not reveal the full potential of the car. In his view, an acceptable result would be overclocking to 9.5 for "one hundred" in Vesta SW Cross and 8.0 in the sports version.

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