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PSG defending the victory over Bayern in an effective game –

The Parisians secured themselves an impressive reserve for the return game.

Seeing how many participants in last year’s final in this tournament in the quarterfinals of the current UEFA Champions League was a real gift to the world football community during the draw for this stage. Bayern Munich and the French PSG, the reigning champions of their countries, remember well how the meeting ended Their last at the De Luz Stadium in Lisbon, so they arrived at the Allianz Arena with a completely different mood, and the strategy of the two-legged confrontation left its mark.

Hans Diet Flick’s cage did not have enough players even for an application equal to that of rivals for a reporting game. Injuries and the coronary virus COVID-19 knocked down many Munich club players, so they were able to weave only one full-length opening composition, with no special reinforcement options during the session. And it was very appropriate. Bayern started aggressively in the opponent’s half, and already in the third minute a ball from Chopo-Muting sent the ball to the crossbar of Kilor Navas, at the end of a corner kick from the left wing.

Unfortunately, for the home side they missed the next attack when a quick jump through the right wing with the help of Neymar reached Mambafa inside the penalty area, after which Killian did not hit the far side, as Manuel Neuer expected, but gave it close to him the experienced goalkeeper was not ready, sending The ball to the goal itself. Bayern attacked long after this episode, and even created some cool moments in a performance of Müller, Faber and Chopo-Moting directly inside other people’s property, however they did not reach their goal.

Instead, Flick’s charges were not found during the re-delivery to the Neymar penalty area from the depths of the right wing in the 28th minute, which can really be considered a genius. Moreover, it was completed with a blow in the left corner of Markwinhus, which as it turned out a little later, was damaged and was soon replaced. PSG showed phenomenal success at the end, although the rivalry was wholly owned by the initiative.

However, even before the break, Bayern still managed to score a goal. A simple but very accurate serve from Faber’s right wing fell right over Chopo-Mutting’s head in the area in front of the goalkeeper, after which a direct substitute Robert Lewandowski slammed into the far corner of the opponent’s gate. Minimal help to continue the fight was created, but up to 42 minutes Flick had to burn two squares to replace him. And since the head coach of the “red machine” did not activate a turn during the break, he had only one choice out of four fields on the bench.

In the second half of Bayern there was an insane amount of directness in the opponent’s penalty area, but as soon as Alaba, Kimic and Faber did not bring the necessary goal, unlike Muller, who at the top in the 60th minute completed Joshua’s hair. Delivery from the free kick on the right wing. An entirely different story was on the scoreboard after this episode, but it also did not last long. Mbappé escaped the delivery of Di Maria in a counter-attack on the left wing of the penalty area, after which he fired into the near corner under Boateng.

The home team was no longer used to playing back in this game, so they did exactly the same as before – they loaded balls into someone else’s penalty area and created a sufficient number of chances not only to put the next situation on the scoreboard, but also to advance the result. It didn’t work out with one or the other, and Flick’s team can capture its huge advantage in terms of moments solely in the form of statistics.

The return match in this pair of teams will take place on April 13, the capital of France.

Bavaria – PSG 2: 3
Objectives: Chopo-Moting, 37, Muller, 60 – Mabafa, 3, 68, Markinhus, 30

Bavaria: Neuer – Favre, Cheap (Boateng, 42), Alaba, Hernandez – Kimich, Gortska (Davis, 33) – Sana, Muller, Koeman – Chopo-Muting.

PSG: Navas – Degba, Markvinhus (Herrera, 30), Kimpamba, Diallo (Baker, 46) – Danilo, Guy – Di Maria (Keenan, 71), Neymar (Rafinha, 90 + 1), Drexler – Mabafa.

Warnings: Hernandez, Kimich, Boateng – Drexler.

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