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Rada extended until the end of August grace period of customs clearance "Euroblets" / Gordon


Fines for breach of customs conditions Release of cars for foreign registration will not be presented for another three months, according to the draft law adopted by the Verkhovna Rada.

On May 15, the Verkhovna Rada adopted a second reading, in general, the bill No. 8371 on the introduction of amendments to the Tax Code, which extended the grace period customs release of cars in foreign registry – "Euroblet". Reported by the correspondent edition "Gordon".

According to Parliament Speaker Andrei Parubiy, the bill was introduced into the hall off-turn, at the request of participants of the "Euroblacker" shift, which is held in Kiev.

One of the amendments prescribes an extension of the transition period, and then fines will be imposed for violations of the conditions for the release of customs from "Eurogalists" between 180 and 70 days. The grace period for customs clearance ended on May 24, after which a fine in the amount of 170 thousand UAH was imposed on driving a car with a foreign registration.

For the adoption of the bill voted 236 deputies with 226 required.

25 November 2018 entered into force the law On changes in excise rates For Euroblets.

The State Fiscal Service of Ukraine reported that during the grace period, Ukrainians cleared customs More than 218 thousand cars on registration foreigners, The state budget received UAH 13.5 billion.

Protest "Euroblackers" began on May 15. The owners of cars in the European registry demanded to extend the grace period for customs clearance of cars, abolish the excise duty, delay the introduction of fines and stop the imposition of repeated fines on the customs release of cars.

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