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Sony was talking about restarting a classic PlayStation


November 18, 2018, 11:10 – REGNUM
The game console of the Japanese company Sony Playstation Classic will be 45% less than the original, the company's press service.

Sony company has talked about the details of the restart of the classic Playstation console of the PlayStation. The release of the original console was held in 1994, the company now releases a new version of the classic PlayStation.

The design of the new console exactly restores the original source, but at the same time the prefix is ​​45% smaller. This is explained by the fact that now you do not have to insert CDs with games into the console, the 20 best video games of this era have been loaded into the handset.

Included with the controller two controller of the original design. The terminal connects to the TV via an HDMI connector, and also has a memory card slot.

The expected retail price of the converter in Russia is 8,999 rubles, sales will begin in early December 2018.

Note, in November, the Rant publishing screen reported that the PlayStation Classic does not use the company's original software, but the open source emulator.

Previously, the same model recreated the classic consoles made by Nintendo.

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