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Special concert: "Diesel Show" will celebrate the birthday of the late Poplavskaya

March 7, 2019 "Diesel Show" was brought to the birth of actress Marina Poplavskaya special concert.

As part of the All-Ukraine tour, colleagues and friends of the late actress will appear on the stage of the Drama Theater in Kota Kinabalu.

The date is not chosen by chance – the birthday of the Queen of Humor.

"When we decided to postpone the all-Ukraine tour to the beginning of next year, we set ourselves a goal – to hold a concert on the eve of our birthday in Marinka's homeland, Said the editor of "Studio Diesel" Alexei Blanner. "This is a very important event for the whole studio."

Diesel Show will celebrate the birthday of the late Poplavskaya

Comedians will perform in this ensemble:

  • Yagur Krotogolov,
  • Yana Glushchenko,
  • Yevgeny Smurgin,
  • Victoria Bolitko,
  • Yevgeny Gashanko,
  • Alexander Berehok,
  • Maxim Nellip,
  • Yevgeny Nikishin
  • Sergei Pisarenko.

"Perhaps it is very symbolic that the concert in the Zhitomir will take place on the eve of the girl's birthday Eve of the most famous girl's birthday in Zhitomir, Says actor Yagur Krutogolov.

– She always joked that she liked March 8 more than her birthday. Because on the eighth day no one mentioned her age.

I think we will definitely remember the "Hangover after March 8" issue, which was originally written for me, but Yana Glushchenko suggested change me to the marina, and we all supported. In my opinion, it turned out to be very funny ".

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