Monday , September 26 2022

Svetlana Loboda confirms her relationship with Till Lindemann


The singer first told about her relationship with the Rammstein group's front.

In recent months on the net do not stop talking about the private life of Svetlana Loboda. After the birth of the second daughter of fans, only one question interests: who is the father? And if the media had long claimed to be the leading singers of the Rammstein group, Till Lindemann, Loboda herself had not yet responded openly to this question. However, the singer, in principle, never confirmed her close relationship with the musician, until recently.

A few days ago Svetlana visited Andrei Malachov's popular performance, during which she answered some honest questions. At first Loboda spoke of the operation, which surprised her and made her think again:

"I realized it was not a robot, it was a sign that I would appreciate my values, now I want to build my schedule in such a way that not to exist, but to live"

Later, the presenter could not resist and asked Svetlana a direct question about whether Till Lindemann was really a man who took her from the hospital after a serious illness, attesting to their close relationship.

"Yes, it was a missile"

– confirmed Loboda.

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