Saturday , May 15 2021

Tell the players that we will fill the dressing room and give them pi ** s –

Fans of "lions" furiously at the indifference of the players of the home team.

Photo Carpates Lviv

Photo Carpates Lviv

In Kiev, at Dynamo Lobanovsky stadium, the Carpathian lost the Olympic (2: 3), leading the score 2: 1 during the game.

After the battle of losses, only two white green players went to the guest sector to thank local fans for their support.

Andrei Nastrov and Alexei Gottesolyak came to Ultra. Discussion between players and fans:

Ultra representative Andrew, I understand that now the team is f * PA, there is no team. But a friend, please play the last game we have left! We're going for you, we're worried about you. We are not apathetic Carpathians. I understand that you, too, are not indifferent, that your heart also hurts this group. Play, please meet!

Nastrov: You see how many people came.

But I see …

Nastrov: They are usually by y. Some went separately, others went there … and who is to blame? Me and Gutsulyak?

But So you say, we fall into the locker room, give them py * dy, and they come here.

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