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Testing of NASA Mars made a successful landing: Video – Ukraine News, World


The InSight landing module flew to Mars for seven months, passing through this period at 490 million kilometers


Tonight, November 26, the United States Aviation Administration in the auto mode landed gently on the surface of the fourth planet from the Sun, Mars landing module inSight.

The agency carried out a sound transmission of the vehicle's entry into the atmosphere of the Red Planet.

Time later – in Kiev:

21:40 – separation of the module from the carrier platform;
21:41 – Reversing the module for safe entry into the atmosphere;
21:47 – Entering the atmosphere at a speed of 19800 km / h;
21:49 – Record heating of the thermal board (approximately 1500 ° C);
15 seconds later – a braking record, in which the intense warming of the shield created radio interference;
21:51 – Discovery of the parachute system;
15 seconds later – separation of the module and the thermo board was spent;
10 seconds later – the output of the landing "legs";
21:52 – inclusion of radar distance on the surface;
21:53 – the receipt of the first data by the radar and the adjustment of the system;
20 seconds later – module separation and rear shield cover with parachute;
0.5 seconds later – start motors brakes;
2.5 seconds later – the "gravity rotation" begins for the most accurate orientation of the landing module;
22 seconds later – Insight slowed from 27 to 8 mph.
21:54 – landing;
22:01 – feeding of the first signal from the Earth module, which showed that it is "alive and healthy," and the first image taken by InSight on Mars.

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Not until 3:35 the next day – Certification from InSight that its solar panels are open and functioning.

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